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The CSHP Research and Education Foundation, a 501(c) (3) corporation, was created with the vision of supporting research and education that improves public health and welfare. The founding board members were composed of members of the CSHP board of directors with its first board meeting held in 2008. Today’s foundation board membership have practiced in a variety of settings, academia, hospital and health systems, and industry. Donors number about 150.  The Foundation’s mission, to promote public health and safe use of medications through research and education, speaks to both healthcare practitioners and the public.  


The Foundation supports pharmacy education by administering two scholarships.  The Joseph H. Beckerman Memorial Scholarship and John J. Carbone Memorial Scholarships honor two pharmacy leaders who were committed to education, leadership and the pharmacy profession.  These annual scholarships are presented to deserving California pharmacy students.  For more information on these scholarships and past recipients go to the links on this website.

As President, I encourage you to get involved with the Foundation either by supporting us with a donation or contributing to one of our scholarship funds.  If you would like to consider service as a Foundation Board member, please contact for more information.

CSHP Celebrates the inaugural John J. Carbone Scholarship in 2016


The John J. Carbone Memorial Scholarship will be presented for the first time in 2016 at Seminar. John was the founding Foundation President , a Board member, former CSHP Board of Directors member and named CSHP Honorary Member in 2014.  We honor his memory and legacy to education, leadership and the pharmacy profession.

Remembrances of John J. Carbone

John Carbone was dedicated to a life of service. Whether as a Boy Scout leader, volunteering with CSHP, or supporting and mentoring his team at Kaiser, John took tremendous pleasure in fostering the achievements of others. John was deeply patriotic and sincerely regretted that his health status prevented him from enlisting in the military. There is no replacing John, but encouraging others to follow in his footsteps can only benefit the profession and our society, as well as creating a legacy he would certainly recognize and appreciate. - Kevin Brown, PharmD, FCSHP

John was a caring, committed professional throughout his career.He was a pleasure to work with and I enjoyed our shared involvement with CSHP and the CSHP Foundation. John brought a clear perspective and always kept the focus on how our pharmacy work would be of benefit to the patient.I truly miss his presence and professionalism. - Virginia White, PharmD, FCSHP

Johnny was highly respected and recognized for his leadership by countless Pharmacists, Residents, Students, and other Stakeholders up and down the state of California. He started his pharmacy career as a graduate of the UCSF School of Pharmacy where he made many friends for life. Johnny has been described by his peers at CSHP and at work as "Trustworthy", "Giving", "Honorable", "Devoted", "Caring, "Passionate", "Mentor", "Storyteller", and "Family Man". However when I think of Johnny, I appreciate him for his great integrity, and remember him as a manly man and as someone who always went the extra mile. -Lisa Gunther Lum, PharmD, FASHP, FCSHP



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