SB 1039
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Thanks to your continued support and advocacy efforts, including spreading the word, writing letters of support, attending hearings, meeting with legislators, making donations, helping to shape this important legislation and more, CSHP’s SB 1039 has been signed by the governor! We could not have done this without you!

SB 1039 was co-sponsored by the California Association of Physician Groups and strongly supported by the California Pharmacy Technician Association, the California Hospital Association, the Board of Pharmacy, Providence Health and Services (Southern California), the California Council for the Advancement of Pharmacy, the California Chronic Care Coalition, and the California Narcotic Officers Association.

The bill allows for pharmacy technicians, while under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist in a healthcare facility, to do the following:

- Package emergency supplies
- Seal emergency containers
- Perform monthly checks of drug supplies

The new law also allows intern pharmacists under supervision of a licensed pharmacist to stock, replenish and inspect emergency pharmaceutical supply containers and the emergency medical system supplies of a licensed healthcare facility.

With the increased responsibilities California pharmacists will have as a result of SB 493, SB 1039 will ensure pharmacy personnel are used more efficiently, giving practicing health-system pharmacists greater flexibility to focus on delivering patient-centered services as key members of interdisciplinary teams.


Updated Implementation of SB 1039 and Program Flex Guidance – 2/10/15

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LNC-AFL 14-34

LNC-AFL 14-34 Attachment (Comparison of SB 1039 & Title 22)

About Program Flexibility

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Senate Bill 1039, CSHP’s highest legislative priority in 2014, was sponsored by CSHP and CAPG. Authored by Senator Hernandez (who also authored SB 493), SB 1039 aimed to bring outdated Title 22 regulations into the 21st century. The goal of the bill was to maximize the efficiency of hospital pharmacy resources. Among other elements, SB 1039 removes the requirement that pharmacists perform unit inspections and replenish/restock emergency drug supplies in hospitals. Instead, the bill allows these functions –  duties which do not require a pharmacist’s professional judgement – to be performed by licensed pharmacy technicians and pharmacy interns.


SB 1039 Support Letters

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
capg_co_sponsor_ltr_sb_1039_4_30_14.pdf PDF (128.39 KB) Administration 11/3/2015
sb_1039_cha_support_letter.pdf PDF (196.32 KB) Administration 11/3/2015
sb_1039_providence_support_letter.pdf PDF (199.8 KB) Administration 11/3/2015
sb_1039_cccc_support_letter.pdf PDF (187.25 KB) Administration 11/3/2015
sb_1039_cpta_support.pdf PDF (2.87 MB) Administration 11/3/2015


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