2017 ASHP Delegate Nominees
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Alexander Cao, Pharm D. (So Bay/Long Beach)

I currently serve as the Area Pharmacy Director for the Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles Medical Center.  I’ve worked for Kaiser Permanente for 20 years.  My pharmacy leadership journey began when I graduated from USC Pharmacy School in 2001 and completed a residency with the VA Greater Los Angeles / USC a year later. Shortly after residency, I worked at USC as a clinical Coordinator at the Community Pharmacies on both the main campus and at Plaza Pharmacy by the Keck Medical Center.  I left USC for an ambulatory care pharmacist position at Kaiser Permanente (KP) Los Angeles Medical Center doing HIV/Infectious Disease.  Later on, embarked on my first management position as an Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Supervisor at the same location, where I had daily operation responsibilities for a variety of services and programs such as Anticoag clinic, Renal, Oncology, Asthma, CHF, and Pain clinic.  I then went onto KP Fontana where I was promoted to the role of Clinical Operations Manager. In this role I had total oversight for all clinical Ambulatory pharmacy services and Drug Utilization Management. About four years past and I was given the chance to take on another promoted position as the Area Pharmacy Director at the KP South Bay Medical Center. In this role I served as the Senior Medical Center leader in charge of all Pharmacy services (Ambulatory Care, Outpatient/Community Pharmacies, and the Inpatient/Hospital Pharmacy).  As of the last 3 years, I have served as the Area Pharmacy Director for the KP Los Angeles Medical Center. 


Daniel Dong, Pharm D. (Golden Gate)

Currently, I am President of the California Society of Health System Pharmacists (CSHP).

Coincidentally, I have just started a new position as a Regional Pharmacy Director for Kaiser Permanente in Northern California (NCAL). In this new role, I will have responsibility for the National Specialty Pharmacy, a role in the USP 797/800 construction of the pharmacies, a role over the NCAL Home IV Pharmacies, and  also am the NCAL Kaiser coordinator for the Pharmacy Leadership Institute with the UCSF School of Pharmacy. Formerly, I was one of two Assistant Pharmacy Operations Leader with responsibility for the oversight of pharmacy operations in NCAL and was also the liaison to the NCAL “Inpatient” Pharmacy Operations group.  I have been with Kaiser Permanente since March 2008 and was the Area Pharmacy Director (APD) for the Oakland-Richmond Service Area until 2013. Prior to being an APD, I was an Inpatient Pharmacy Consultant, NCAL Regional Pharmacy, performing mock regulatory surveys throughout NCAL.  Recently, I have just completed serving as the “interim” Area Pharmacy Director in Kaiser Sacramento for the past 16 months.

Prior to Kaiser, I was the Director of Pharmaceutical Services for the UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco. In this role, I oversaw all pharmacy operations and had regulatory oversight for medication management throughout the medical center across two campuses. This included an average daily census of 550, 172 clinics, two infusion centers, an outpatient pharmacy, 2 inpatient pharmacies, and a large PGY-1 and PGY-2 residency program.  There was a very strong affiliation with the UCSF School of Pharmacy. I have been active in the CSHP throughout my career and completed serving four year term on the Board of Directors in 2012.   I have a PharmD. from UCSF School of Pharmacy and B.A. in Biological Sciences from UC Berkeley.   I also completed a PGY-1 Residency at the UCSF Medical Center/School of Pharmacy.


Jeannette Hanni, R.Ph., M.P.A (Quatra County)

Jeannette Hanni received her B.Pharm degree from Washington State University, then completed her Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of San Francisco. Jeannette is currently the Executive Director of Pharmacy for the Bay Area for Sutter Health. Jeannette has focused on strategy alignment, regulatory compliance and project oversight. Prior to this Executive role, Jeannette spent 20 years in pharmacy operations as the Admin. Dir of Pharmacy Services at Mills-Peninsula Health Services, a 400 bed, community based Sutter hospital. Jeannette has served as Co-Chair of the very active CHA Med Safety Committee since its inception in 2009. Jeannette has spent many years as an active member of CSHP, serving as local chapter President (Quatra CSHP), as a director for the CSHP Board of Directors (2005-2009), and now as Chair of the House of Delegates. 


Khaled (Kal) M. Khoury, PharmD. (Inland)

Area Pharmacy Director, Kaiser Permanente (2007-present). Pharmacist of the Year – Inland Society of Health System Pharmacists (ISHP) (2016); President – ISHP (2001, 2013); President Elect – ISHP (2000, 2012); President-Elect, ISHP (2012, 2013); Delegate to the House – ISHP (2002-2013); President – ISHP (2000); Nominations Committee – California Society of Health System Pharmacists (CSHP) (2003, 2014); Collaborative Drug Management Task Force Seminar 2000, Planning Committee Member – CSHP (2000-Present); Member – CSHP (1987-Present); Member/Residency Program Director (1987-Present); Kaiser Executive Leadership Program, Harvard Business School (2016); Kaiser Pharmacy Residency Program Director Riverside (2009-Present); Kaiser Pharmacy Residency Program Director– Inland (2003-2009).


Kenneth L. Perrin, PharmD., MBA (Sierra)

I am currently Director of Clinical Pharmacy at Integrated Prescription Management located in Fresno, CA.  I have worked in the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) environment for 11 years in various roles with seven years working with Medicaid health plans, involved with formulary development and pharmacy benefit design.  Prior to my work with PBMs, I was a Director of Pharmacy at four hospitals managing departments of various sizes spanning 25 years, most recently at Community Medical Center in Fresno.  My experience in both hospital and the managed care environment has given me a good perspective on the challenges of health care delivery and the ability to make a positive contribution.


Kethen W. So, Pharm.D., FCSHP (CSHP- Golden Gate)

Assistant Director of Pharmacy, UCSF Medical Center, ASHP: Delegate (2015-Present) Alternate Delegate (2010, 2013); CSHP: Presidential Officer (2015-2017), Government Affairs Advisory Committee (member 1999 – 2004, 2014, chair 2011- 2012), Committee on Goals (member 2004 – 2006, board liaison 2006 – 2009, 2014), Council on Professional Affairs (member 2010), Board of Directors (2006 – 2009), Board Liaison to Editorial Advisory Committee (2007 – 2009), Student Chapters (2007 – 2008), Seminar Management Team (2001); Golden Gate: Presidential Offices (2000 – 2002), PPC-PAC Donation Organizer (2009 – Present), Legislative Advocate (2012 – Present), Delegate to CSHP (2001 – 2002, 2009 – 2013) Continuing Education (chair 2002 – 2009), Membership (chair, 1998 - 2002),Social (chair 1996-1998)


Kimberly Tallian, PharmD., APH, BCPP, FASHP, FCCP, FCSHP (San Diego)

Advanced Practice Pharmacist - Psychiatry, Scripps Mercy (2015 – Present), Advanced Practice Pharmacists (2017 – Present), ASHP Delegate (2009), ASHP Alternate Delegate (2012, 2016, 2017); FASHP (2006); Seminar Planning Committee Chair (2017), Seminar Planning Committee Vice Chair (2016), Senior Management Team for CSHP Seminar CE Co-Chair (2004); Management Team for CSHP Seminar Publicity Co-Chair (1999); CSHP Professional Recognition Awards Committee Chair (2010); CSHP Delegate (2008 – 2009); CSHP Alternate Delegate (2013), FCSHP (2003); SDSHP President (2009); SDSHP Treasurer (2003 – 2008 & 2013 - Present); OCSHP Treasurer (1997 – 1999); SDSHP Parliamentarian 2009 – 2012); SDSHP CE Co-Chair (2000 – 2003); SDSHP Pharmacist of the Year (2012).


Kristine Parbuoni, PharmD., BCPPS (Inland)

Kristine Parbuoni, PharmD, BCPPS is an Assistant Professor at Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy and the PGY2 Pediatric Residency Program Director. She served in the ASHP House of Delegates for Maryland for 3 years, and also served as a delegate to CSHP for the Inland chapter since 2014. She is currently serving on ASHP’s Council on Education and Workforce Development, helping to create policy which will be voted on by the ASHP House of Delegates. She looks forward to the ability to influence pharmacy practice through policy and is excited for the opportunity to serve as an ASHP Delegate.


Maria D. Serpa, PharmD., FASHP, FCSHP (Sacramento Valley)

Sr. Pharmacist–Systems Support, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento. CSHP Research & Education Foundation(President 2015-17;Board 2013-19), CSHP Parliamentarian (2014;2017), CSHP Presidential Officer(2010-12), CSHP Pharmacy Professionals of California PAC(President 2011), CSHP Board of Directors(2005-07), ASHP Advocacy/PAC Advisory Comm(2012-18), ASHP Council on Public Policy(2014-17), ASHP Section Pharmacy Practice Managers-SAG Quality/Compliance(2011-13), ASHP Delegate(2008-12,alternate 2004,2007), ASHP USP Advisory Comm(2002-06).  Many CSHP Committees including Sterile Compounding Task Force(2014-2016,co-chair 2017-18), Blue Ribbon Comm on Governance(2015-17), Government Affairs Advisory Comm(1998-2009, chair 1999-2002). Several CSHP/CPhA & CSHP/California Hospitals Association committees. Sacramento Valley-CSHP Treasurer(2004-05), SV-CSHP Pharmacist of the Year(2000), SV-CSHP Director(1998), SV-CSHP Presidential officer(1995-97). San Diego-CSHP Director(1992-93).


Nancy Korman, PharmD., FCSHP, FASHP (Golden Gate)

Retired June 2013, formerly SFVA QI/Education & Residency Director; Member, CSHP Blue Ribbon on Governance (2016); Chair, CSHP PRP Committee (2016); Member, CSHP Research and Education Foundation (2008-2015) & Foundation President (2012-2015); CSHP Presidential officer (2009-11); CSHP Board of Directors (1999, 2001-2003); Co-Chair, Council on Professional Affairs (2008); Council on Professional Affairs (2006); ASHP HOD  (2006, 2007, 2009-2013); ASHP Committee on Nominations (2010-13); Committee on Goals (2001, 2004, 2005); Board Liaison Blue Ribbon Committee on Pharmacist Credentialing (2001); Treasurer, WSC Residency Conference Planning Committee (1995-1997); Committee on Nominations (1986, 1988);  President, NCSHP (1978); WOC Clinical Professor, UCSF Pharmacy School.


Robert L. Poole, PharmD., FPPAG, FCSHP, FASHP (Quatra County)

Chief Pharmacy Officer (CPO) and Executive Administrative Director, Clinical Services, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford (LPCH) 2015-2017; Director of Pharmacy LPCH 1988-2015; Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) 1977; Residency at UCSF 1977-1978. Dr. Poole recently retired from his 44, year pharmacy career working as an intern, resident, clinical pharmacist, pharmacy supervisor, director of pharmacy and CPO in hospital administration. He is currently a pharmacy consultant for CAP Consulting, Inc. Member of CSHP since 1975; CSHP Fellow 2011; Organizational Affairs 1991; Quatra County Chapter President and CSHP Delegate 1990; Clinical Affairs, Chair 1986; Council on Clinical Affairs 1984-1985; Advisory Committee on Productivity Standards / Measurement 1984; CE Programs Chair 1981; ASHP Fellow 2012; ASHP Accredited Residency Programs i n Pharmacy Practice and Critical Care 1994-2017; Western Regional Conference on Clinical Pharmacy Practice 1987. Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group (PPAG) Fellow 2010; Excellence in Pharmacy Practice Award 2007; Lifetime Honorary Membership 2003; Board of Directors 1995-2003; Co-Founder 1985.


Sandra Leigh Bardas, BSP, FCSHP (Quatra County)

I received by pharmacist’s degree from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and did an ASHP residency at Massachusetts General Hospital.  The vast majority of my career was at Stanford Healthcare where I have been a Satellite Pharmacist, Ambulatory Care Pharmacist, OR Pharmacist, Night Pharmacist, Investigational Drug Pharmacist and Emergency Medicine Pharmacist. I have published journal articles and contributed to textbooks in a wide range of these areas.  In addition, I am a pharmacist member of the federal Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT-CA-6).


Steven Gray, PharmD., JD  (Inland)

Currently – Kaiser Permanente “National Pharmacy Professional Affairs Leader”; Responsibilities: Monitoring and influencing pharmacy law and public policy at National and state levels in collaboration with health professional and consumer organizations. Current ASPL President-elect. Past Offices: President CSHP, CPhA, AMCP, SFSHP; HOD Delegate to ASHP, APhA, CSHP and CPhA; HOD Chair for CSHP and CPhA; Regular Attendee: BoP, NABP, ACCP, AMCP, ASHP, APhA,; MEMBERSHIPS: AMCP; ASPL; ASHP; APhA; Cal State Bar; CPhA; CSHP; ISHP, NASPA; EXPERIENCE: Pharmacy practice community, hospital, IV solution specialty, manufacturing and repackaging, wholesaling, pharmacy compliance, and administration; GOAL: Expanding and enriching the pharmacy scope of practice. 2015 CSHP Pharmacist of the Year.


Steven J. Thompson, PharmD. (South Bay/Long Beach)

Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of the Pacific School of Pharmacy.  Director of Pharmacy Services Torrance Memorial Medical Center (1995-present).  Employee there since 1977.  A member of CSHP and ASHP for over 40 years; served in various leadership positions, including Chapter Delegate, President of the South Bay/Long Beach Society of Health-System Pharmacists, Webmaster, Legal Affairs, Director for SBLBSHP, CSHP Nominations Committee and Public Relations, CSHP Board Member, Seminar Board Liaison, SBLBSHP Pharmacist of the Year, Platinum Grassroots Advocate; and incorporated the South Bay/Long Beach Chapter with the state.


Vicky Ferraresi, PharmD, FASHP, FCSHP (Quatra)

Director Pharmacy Services, Pathways Hospice, Sunnyvale.  CSHP President 2017. Chair HOD (2010-2014), Board of Directors (2004-2008), Committee on Goals (2006, 2008, Chair 2009). Government Affairs Advisory Committee (2002, 2005, Chair 2003 & 2004). Council Educational Affairs (1997). Numerous Seminar Committees.  Quatra President (2009), Treasurer (1999-2002), Secretary (1998), CSHP Delegate (2003, 2009).  ASHP Council Public Policy (2004-2006), Pain & Palliative Care Advisory Group (2007-2011).  ASHP Delegate HOD (2012-present). National Council Hospice & Palliative Professionals (NCHPP), Pharmacist Steering Committee (2003-2009).  Northern California Pain Initiative (NCPI) Advisory Committee & Website Coordinator (2003-2008); BOD, Regulatory Affairs Committee (1994-1999).


Victoria Serrano Adams, PHARM. D., FASHP, FCSHP (Golden Gate)

Director of Pharmaceutical Services, UCSF Medical Center (2013 - present).  ASHP Commission on Affiliate Relations (2006-2007, 2007-2008), ASHP Council on Pharmacy Practice (2017 to present), ASHP Foundation Development Committee (2007); CSHP Continuing Pharmacy Education [CPE] committee (2013 to present), CSHP Board of Directors (2010 – 2013), PPMI Task Force – Board Liaison (2012 – 2013), Continuing Pharmacy Education [CPE] Committee – Board Liaison (2010 – 2013), Committee on Goals – Board Liaison (2011, 2013), CSHP Seminar Management Team 2009 – Residency Showcase Chair, CSHP Practitioner Recognition Program Committee (2006, 2009), FCSHP (2000), CSHP Seminar 1986 – Continuing Education Committee; SDSHP – CSHP Delegate (2000-2002; 2005-2006).


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