Foundation Donors
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The CSHP Foundation is grateful for the support of the following individuals:

2017 Donors 

$5000 and above

Maria Serpa


Christine Antczak

Dennis Kim

2016 Donors

$5000 and above
Toby Herfindal

Lisa Gunther-Lum
South Bay/Long Beach Chapter

Robert Ignoffo
Stacey Raff
Maria Serpa
Sam Shimomura

Norman A. Ashcraft
Beth Devine
Daniel Dong
Derek Dwinell
Vicky Ferraresi
Kenneth N. Horowitz
Donald Kishi
Nancy Korman
Jerika Lam
Lyn Nishimura (In Memory of Dr. Peter Ambrose)
Cindy Odegard
Robert Poole
Victoria Serrano Adams
Kethen So
Jim Walsh

Anonymous (3)
Sandra L. Bardas
Kelley Covey-Smith
Nelson Der
Nicole Gann
Stacey Kilpatrick
Ed Maurino
James McNulty
Richard Sakai
Holly Ann Strom
Lawrence Troxell
Herbert Wolfram
Felix Yam

2015 Donors


$10,000 and above

Kaiser Permanente Financial Services Operations
Virginia White

$1000 - $4999
Toby Herfindal
Nancy Korman
Southern California Chapter

Kevin Brown
David Chen
Robert Ignoffo
Maria Serpa
Joel Weber

Peter Ambrose
Dawn Benton
Rebecca Brover
John David
Mark Gloudeman
Lisa Gunther-Lum
Richard Hull
Don Kishi
David Kvantz
Robert Levin
Steve and Lilly Litsey
Nagla Mikail
Virginia Ramirez
Jay Rho
Cathlene Richmond
Paul Sabatini
Irene Shibuya
Gregory Smith
Mark Smith
Howard Switzky
Felix Yau

Nelson Der
Steffeney Dolan
Terry Hashimoto
Sharon Kotabe
Susan C. Lee
Winston Lee
Sean McElligott
Kethen So
Raymond Wong


These names represent gifts made to the CSHP Research and Education Foundation, Joseph H. Beckerman Memorial Scholarship and John J. Carbone Memorial Scholarship. Every effort is made to ensure donor accuracy. If you feel this listing is in error, please contact us at 916-447-1033.



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