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Report Released

The CSHP Research and Education Foundation is proud to present its survey findings on the The Pharmacist's Role in the Interdisciplinary Care of the Aging Population Project.

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“Pharmacists are experts in managing medications and the most knowledgeable healthcare provider when it comes to appropriate medication use and medication therapy. They work in all areas of the healthcare system. It is ever more critical to link their expertise to the population with the highest reliance on medication. On the heels of the passage of SB493, it is essential for pharmacists to play key roles on the care team working with the aging population.” stated Nancy Korman, PharmD, President of CSHP Research and Education Foundation.

Project Description

The California Society of Health-System Pharmacists Research and Education Foundation (CSHPF) is launching a statewide initiative to strengthen the role and capacity of pharmacists to provide care for older adults through its project: The Pharmacist's Role in the Interdisciplinary Care of the Aging Population. This project brings together organizations with a shared interest in seeing that older adults can increase both their longevity and their quality of life. The aging focus was selected to serve a potentially vulnerable population who would greatly benefit from increased interaction with and care from a pharmacist.

Baby Boomers comprise one quarter of the US population, roughly 77 million individuals. The first baby boomers turned 65 in 2011, marking the start of the largest group of older Americans at any given time. Within the next two decades, the proportion of baby boomer adults 85 years and older will grow from 14% in 2010 to 21% in 2050, bringing with them even more critical health needs.

  • Studies over the last 10 to 15 years show that roughly one quarter of all hospital admissions for those 65 and older are related to medication related problems, typically drug reactions or noncompliance.
  • Older adults are also more likely to have multiple chronic conditions, with the treatment of choice often medication therapy, increasing the likelihood for greater noncompliance and medication safety issues.

Given these challenges, it is essential for pharmacists to play leadership roles in providing care for older adults. In Phase One of the project, CSHPF and its partners are conducting a statewide assessment to determine the current roles pharmacists play in care settings working with older adults. California Schools of Pharmacy and pharmacy students will be surveyed to determine what and how they are being taught and the hands-on learning opportunities they have in aging and long term care, identifying whether this is an area that can be included in Advanced Practice Pharmacy training, as one way to move forward aspects of SB 493.

This multipronged assessment is designed to establish a baseline outlining what pharmacists currently do as part of the healthcare team for older adults. This broad based assessment will enable the CSHPF to set the stage for future partnerships that develop training and engagement of pharmacists as new models of care are designed for older adults, their family members and volunteer caregivers.

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