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CSHP is a volunteer association that meets its strategic and operational goals through Committees, Councils, and Task Forces (CCTF). There has never been a better time to join CSHP’s leadership committees. As CSHP continues to grow and thrive, pharmacists, residents, technicians, and students work to guide our future. Build and strengthen your leadership skills. Explore your interests. Step forward in your career through becoming a CSHP volunteer! To learn more about CCTF responsibilities, select any of the links below.

CCTF Additional Resources

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Volunteer Leadership Guide PDF (249.89 KB) Administration 4/3/2018
Decision Making for Effective Action (The STP) PDF (182.83 KB) Administration 11/9/2015
CCTF Helpful Tips For Conduction Meetings PDF (10.03 KB) Administration 11/9/2015
2020 Expense Report (ELEC) XLS (66 KB)  more ] Administration 2/5/2020


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