Press Release - CSHP Announces formation of New Pharmacy Technician Executive Committee
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March 28, 2016
For information, contact:
MaryAnne Bobrow, Interim EVP/CEO

CSHP Announces formation of New Pharmacy Technician Executive Committee 

Sacramento, CA.  The CSHP Board of Directors and CSHP Pharmacy Technician members have been and are, dutifully working together to address all of the key changes and transitions that affect our Pharmacy Technician population. CSHP President Kethen So, in conjunction with the CSHP office team and, the newly formed Pharmacy Technician Executive Committee are combining their efforts to ensure that the Pharmacy Technician members and the vital Pharmacy Technician representation within CHSP are cared for and thought of during our period of change.

President So has reached out to, and appointed, Pharmacy Technician members to this new committee. During their years as CSHP/ former CPTA members, these committee members have proven their leadership qualities and traits to the profession. The committee will be working on initiatives and strategies in order to lead and provide our Pharmacy Technician members with both quality and value for their memberships. These trusted CSHP members are also going to be bringing new ideas and continue on with the proper Pharmacy Technician representation and traditions that CSHP holds dear as a professional society.

The CSHP Pharmacy Technician Executive Committee members are:


Co-Chairs:                Mark Banzon and Paul Sabatani

Members:                 Cassie Menchen, Donna Fitzgerald, Nichole Blair, Richard Nunez, Sylvia Banzon and Thomas Harper         


BOD Liaisons:         Annet Arakelian and Jeanne Li


CSHP Staff:            MaryAnne Bobrow, Interim CEO/EVP



In alignment with CSHP Mission Statement, together we will strive “To Represent and Empower Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians Practicing in Health-Systems to Promote Wellness, Patient Safety and Optimal Use of Medications”.


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