Organizational Performance Council (OPC)
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The Organizational Performance Council shall be an advisory body to the Board of Directors. It shall analyze studies, recommend broad goals for the profession of pharmacy and for the Society, and shall outline plans for achieving such goals. This Council shall consist of a chairperson and members as listed in Article VII Section 12 (b) as shown below: 

  1. 2nd Year Board of Director member
  2. Non-Board, State
  3. Non-Board, Local
  4. President-Elect
  5. Pharmacy Technician Member
  6. Chief Executive Officer (Staff)
  7. 3rd Year Board of Directors member (Board Liaison)



Position Name Chapter
Chair Bonnie Fabian San Diego
Chair-Elect/Non-Board, Local Vicky Ferraresi Quatra County
Member/Non-Board, State Steve Gray Inland
Member/President-Elect Lisa Gunther Lum South Bay Long Beach
Member/3rd Year BOD Liaison Mirta Millares South Bay Long Beach
Member/BOD Liaison  Harminder Sikand  San Diego 
Member/President Steven Thompson  South Bay Long Beach 
Member/2nd Year BOD  Helen Park  Quatra County
Technician Member Donna Fitzgerald Diablo
Ex Officio Member/CEO Loriann De Martini CSHP Staff 
CSHP Staff Member Dianne Coker CSHP Office


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