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The Editorial Advisory Board is the group of volunteers who help plan the content of the California Journal of Health-System Pharmacy. The EAB develops content ideas, reviews submitted manuscripts for publication, encourages manuscript submissions, and provides feedback to CSHP on the direction the Journal should take.

The EAB is a great choice for members who love to read, want to learn, and have an interest in continuing pharmacy education.


Position Name Chapter
Co-chair Todd Okamoto Golden Gate
Co-chair Laura Polonsky Diablo
Member Gary Besinque Southern California
Member Su-Fen Chen San Gabriel Valley
Member Herman Johannesmeyer Orange County
Member Allison Jun Orange County
Member Sara McBane Southern California 
Member Cathlene Richmond Diablo
Member Cynthia Valle-Oseguera Central Valley
New Practitioner Member  David Malewski  Diablo 
New Practitioner Member  Caroline Sierra  Inland
New Practitioner Member James Wall Golden Gate
Technician Member Claudine McLaughlin Golden Gate
BOD Liaison Gary Besinque Southern California
BOD Liaison Mirta Millares San Fernando Valley
Ex Officio Member Loriann De Martini CSHP CEO
CSHP Staff Member Brandon Samson CSHP Office

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