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The charges of the committee would be as follows:

  1. Promote opportunities to advance pharmacy education on geriatric delivered pharmaceutical care.
  2. Identify strategies to improve transition of care challenges associated with an older adult population.
  3. Advance optimization of medication use in older adults in all settings.
  4. Advocate for alignment of state and national laws and regulations to promote and support provision of medication management to the older population by pharmacists.

2020 Members: 

Position Name Chapter
 Chair  Aida Oganesyan  San Fernando Valley
 Chair-elect  Marcie Lepkowsky  San Diego
 Member  Judy Aoyagi
 South Bay Long Beach
 Student Member  Jake Castoreal  California Northstate University
 Member  Karen Cham  Diablo
 Member  Jack Chen  South Bay Long Beach
 Member  Mackenzie Clark  Golden Gate
 Member  Minh Dang  San Gabriel Valley
 Member  Tatyana Gurvich  South Bay Long Beach
 Member  Debrina Johnson  Inland
 Member  Paul Le  Orange County
 Member  Maritza Lew  Quatra County
 Member  Robert Lewinter  Inland
 Member   Katherine Pitcher   Central Valley
 Member  Jody Santos  Inland
 Member  Vicky Siauw  Diablo
 Member  Janice Simen  San Fernando Valley
 Member  Jessica Song  Quatra County
 Member  Clifford Wong  Sacramento Valley
 Member  Theresa Courter  Sacramento Valley
 BOD Liaison  Harminder Sikand  San Diego 
 BOD Liaison  Steve Thompson  South Bay Long Beach
 Ex Officio Member Loriann De Martini   CSHP Office
 CSHP Staff Member  Sara Fox  CSHP Office

Contact Sara Fox, Staff Liaison,


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