AB 1114 Update (8.29.16)
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Protecting the Profession and the Safety of Patients

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AB 1114 will expand access to preventative health care services provided by pharmacists to Medi-Cal recipients. This bill is the logical progression following SB 493 and AB 1535 as it allows pharmacists to provide,and be reimbursed for, the furnishing of hormonal contraceptives, certain tobacco cessation drugs, recommended travel medicines, the opiod overdose drug naloxone and administering immunizations directly to Medi-Cal recipients. Given that nearly one-third of California's population accesses our health care system through the Medi-Cal program, this policy represents another major advancement for the profession that CSHP helped move forward. Despite being a positive bill for the profession, CSHP board members recognized that language in the bill may have been interpreted to negatively alter current payment mechanisms for dispensing drugs. During the last few days of the Legislative session, CSHP was able to work with the Legislature and DHCS through our lobbyist, Weideman Group, to amend the bill in Senate  Appropriations Committee to ensure AB 1114 did not restrict or prohibit any services currently provided by pharmacists under existing law. 

Note: DHCS also verified that pharmacists providing these services in settings outside of retail pharmacy, where CSHP members generally practice, will paid at 100% of the physician fee schedule rather than the 85% specified in the bill.


MaryAnne Bobrow, CAE, CMP, CMM

Interim EVP/CEO

California Society of Health-System Pharmacists


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