Press Release: GOP Leaders Release Details of Plan to Replace the Affordable Care Act
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GOP Leaders Release Details of Plan to

Replace the Affordable Care Act


Today House Republican leaders unveiled their proposal for how they intend to repeal and replace the ACA in a meeting attended by newly confirmed Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Bandy and Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Greg Walden.


According to a copy of the “Obamacare Repeal and Replace Policy Brief” leaders gave to rank and file Republicans, the plan would reverse the individual and employer mandate immediately, replace the ACA’s subsidy system with a refundable tax credit, expand Health Savings Accounts and utilize State Innovation Grants to re-establish High Risk Pools where people with costly diseases could purchase coverage. The plan would also repeal the Medicaid expansion over time by reducing the increased federal match to states established under the ACA and would further reduce federal spending dedicated to Medicaid by either using a per-capita allotment or block grant program.


Ryan told reporters that upon returning to Washington at the end of the month, lawmakers would introduce the repeal and replace legislation. Republicans plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act using a budget tool called reconciliation, which fast-tracks the process in the Senate and allows it to pass with 51 votes. It is unclear if, or when, they would be able to secure the votes necessary to implement the “replace" portion of their plan. 


GOP lawmakers are also still waiting on cost estimates on their plan from the Joint Committee on Taxation and the Congressional Budget Office. 


“CSHP is committed to informing all of its members about emerging changes to the Affordable Care Act and will continue to analyze the impact to its members going forward”, said California Society of Health-System Pharmacist CEO, Loriann DeMartini. “We will be your go-to source of information on changes to the health care system that impact our profession.”



Loriann DeMartini, PharmD

Chief Executive Officer

California Society of Health-System Pharmacists  


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