Press Release: Newly Unveiled GOP Health Plan Clears First Two Votes
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Contact: Loriann DeMartini, CSHP CEO 
California Society of Health-System Pharmacists 



Newly Unveiled GOP Health Plan
Clears First Two Votes


After approximately 27 hours of debate, the House Energy and Commerce Committee voted yesterday afternoon to pass the Republican proposal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, giving the bill its second procedural victory amid growing concerns about the absence of a cost estimate by the Congressional Budget Office. The House Ways and Means Committee also voted to pass the proposal around 4:00 AM yesterday, March 9, 2017.  


The bill would expand the incentive to use so-called health savings accounts by doubling the allowed contribution, remove the requirement that employers provide health insurance, create a per capita funding cap for Medicaid, and repeal funding for prevention and public health. However, the plan also retains popular ACA provisions including; protecting the individual market rules that require guaranteed issue and the ban or preexisting conditions, no cost sharing for preventive services, the prohibition on lifetime or annual limits and allowing children to remain on their parent’s health insurance plan until age 26.


In recent days, the American Medical Association, American Hospital Association, American College of Physicians, American Nurses Association, AARP and other influential groups have come out in opposition to the bill and many Washington insiders suspect there may not be votes in the Senate or the House to pass this proposal.


“CSHP is committed to informing all of its members about emerging changes to the Affordable Care Act and will continue to analyze the impact to its members going forward”, said California Society of Health-System Pharmacist CEO, Loriann DeMartini. “We will be your go-to source of information on changes to the health care system that impact our profession.”



Loriann DeMartini, PharmD

Chief Executive Officer

California Society of Health-System Pharmacists  


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