Seminar 2018 Speaker Portal
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Hello Seminar 2018 Speakers!

This webportal has been designed to make exchanging information with CSHP easy for both of us. A few tips on using it:

  • This form  doesn't pre-populate your submittal information. It does not "know" who you are or what you've submitted previously.
  • Both the name and session title are required fields every time you use the form. 
  • Be sure to click the Submit button at the bottom of the page when completed. 
  • If a form field title is underlined, hover your mouse over it for more instructions.
  • Note:  This form will time out after 45 minutes, even if you are moving between fields. Data is not saved or sent until the Submit button is clicked.

Questions? Contact CSHP Continuing Education Manager, Cindy Bouris.


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