2019 CSHP Board of Directors Election Bulletin
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2019 - CSHP Board of Directors Election:

To further assist you in getting to know your future leadership, each nominee for the 2019 CSHP Board of Director position has submitted a short video/audio recording answering the following questions:

  1. How is CSHP’s mission statement meaningful to you?
  2. Where do you see areas for improvement and growth in the organization? How do you plan to address or meet these areas?
  3. What are your personal aspirations that you want to accomplish on the CSHP Board?

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CSHP also held a "Meet the Candidates" at the Open Forum session on Saturday, October 18th, from 7:45 - 9:15am at Seminar 2019. A portion of this time was dedicated for a Q&A session and candidate hearing.

You may view the a PDF copy of the Election bulletin here. The official ballot will be emailed out as of 10/31/2019 2pm PDT and will close 30 days after release.

If you have any questions in regards to the candidate videos or election process, please email us at info@cshp.org or call our office at 916-447-1033.

President-elect Candidate Slate

Candidate #1: Jason Bandy, PharmD, FCSHP, FCPhA
(Sacramento Valley Society of Health-System Pharmacists)
I am an Associate Clinical Professor and Vice Chair of Experiential Education at California NorthState University College of Pharmacy and an Ambulatory Care Pharmacist at UC Davis Medical Center. I graduated from UOP in 2000, completed a pharmacy residency in 2001 and have practiced clinically in hospital, ambulatory care, and academic settings. My commitment to CSHP has focused on membership, industry, government affairs, Treasurer of CSHP, President of CSHP-SV and most recently Chair of the Seminar Planning Committee. I have also been Chair of the Government Affairs Advisory Committee (GAAC) and member of the Provider Status Taskforce.

Candidate Statement:
CSHP’s vision and my vision for pharmacy are very much aligned in that Pharmacists should be recognized as Leaders in Wellness, Patient Safety. At the hospitals and Ambulatory Care Clinics that I’ve worked, pharmacists are definitely seen as leaders in medication knowledge as well as safety.

One reason I believe I’m well suited to be President of CSHP is because of my extensive volunteer hx with the organization. Some of the involvement I’ve had with committees are, the 2019 Seminar Planning Committee Chair, Government Affairs Advisory Committee for over 15 years and Chair multiple times, Continuing Pharmacy Education Committee member, Past- Treasurer of CSHP, Past- President CSHP- Sacramento Valley. Most recently, it way my pleasure to have been this year’s SPC Chair.

I have to admit the volunteer opportunities CSHP offers it’s members is like no other organization I’ve seen. CSHP is truly a member-driven organization.

Another reason I believe I’m well suited to be the next CSHP president elect is that I am one of the past treasurers of the organization. Given this, I have firsthand knowledge of the organizations business operations and inner workings of the finances of CSHP.
With my history with CSHP and my work history in the pharmacy profession I believe I can jump right into the president elect role and lead this organization to a bright future.
If you believe that I can help CSHP please vote for me for President elect.

Candidate Video:

Candidate #2: Keith Yoshizuka, PharmD, MBA, JD, FCSHP
(Diablo Society of Health-System Pharmacists)
Keith received his PharmD from University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA. He is currently Assistant Dean for Administration at Touro University in Vallejo, CA.

He has an extensive career with Touro University. He has served as Chair in Social, Behavioral and Administrative Sciences, as Director of Acute / Ambulatory Care Experiential Education, and as Associate Professor. He was awarded Track 3 Professor of the Year for 14 years running.

His career in Pharmacy includes working as Pharmacy Services Director for Sutter Health Luke’s Hospital in San Francisco and Kaiser Permanente in Hayward. He was also Chief Pharmacist at Kaiser in his early career.

He is heavily involved in legislation and with CSHP. He received Silver, Gold, and Platinum Level Advocacy recognition with CSHP from 2011-2018.

Candidate Statement: 
One of the advantages of getting old is that you have both perspective and history. I have been a member of CSHP for 45 years, starting as a student. I have seen both CSHP and the profession of pharmacy evolve and develop over the years. One of the things that remained constant is that CSHP fills a need not adequately met by other organizations. I would like to see that continue, and work collaboratively with other organizations when it advances CSHP’s goals to do so. However, CSHP must stay true to its core goals and values, representing its membership in health-system pharmacy.

I would like to see pharmacists’ reimbursement for clinical services as individuals, NOT as a pharmacy benefit and NOT tied to pharmacy reimbursement. Pharmacist reimbursement for services rendered in a clinic setting must be recognized by state and federal government and private insurance reimbursement. This must be achieved by any means, either legislation or litigation. This is my goal. Realistically, it will not be achieved in one year, or even two years, but it will be achieved so long as we have the individuals who persevere and are committed to making it happen.

Candidate Video:
No Video Submitted

Treasurer (3-Year Term)

Candidate #1: Jay P. Rho, PharmD, FCSHP, FASHP, FCCP
(Southern California Society of Health System-Pharmacists) Doctor of Pharmacy USC School of Pharmacy, Fellowship, Antimicrobial Therapy and Infectious Diseases, UCLA Graduate Division. Selected CSHP involvement: Chair, Blue Ribbon Commit-tee on Governance (2-15-2016), Co-Chair, Seminar 2013 Management Team (2012-2013), President, CSHP Research and Education Foundation (2008-2010), Chair, CSHP Board of Di-rectors (2005), President, CSHP (2004), Co-Chair, EVP/CEO Search Committee. Selected SCSHP involvement: Director (1996-2009, 2014-2015), President (1997). Selected ASHP involvement: Chair, Council on Education and Workforce Development (2014-2015), Director-at-Large, ASHP Section of Clinical Specialists and Scientists (2002-2004). Recipient: CSHP Pharmacist of the Year (2008), SCSHP Pharmacist of the Year (2002).

Candidate Statement:
It is always a high honor to be considered for CSHP office and particularly one as important as Treasurer. I had the privilege to serve CSHP previously in many important capacities including: Chair of the Board, President, President of the Research and Education Foundation and Seminar Co-Chair, but perhaps none more important than chairing the Blue Ribbon Commit-tee on Governance in the aftermath of the special 2015 House of Delegates meeting calling for a full review of our organizational structure. It was perhaps this opportunity to review CSHP’s bylaws and governance documents that has instilled upon me the importance of members staying involved in the oversight of an organization. As Treasurer I would work to develop fiscally prudent budgets in conjunction with CSHP staff, Committee on Finance and the Board of Directors. I would provide of CSHP’s finances and ensure appropriate documentation and auditing. Lastly, I would work with the CEO and Board to develop both strategic and tactical plans to improve our financial reserves.

Candidate Video:
No Video Submitted

Candidate #2: Pauline Chan, R.Ph., MBA, BCGP, FCSHP, FASHP
(Sacramento Valley Society of Health-System Pharmacists)
Pauline Chan, B.S. Pharm., MBA, BCGP, FCSHP, FASHP is a pharmaceutical consultant at the Department of Health Care Services. She is Medi-Cal’s Drug Utilization Review Program Pharmacist, and led several statewide quality improvement projects. She was formerly the Director of Pharmacy at Pomerado Hospital, Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital and Sharp Mary Birch Hospital in San Diego. She has held teaching appointments and has received multiple awards. Ms. Chan received her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin, and Master of Business Administration at the University of San Diego. She is a Fellow of CSHP and ASHP.

Candidate Statement:
At CSHP, I had the honor to serve in many roles, including President of the San Diego Chapter (2002) and Sacramento Valley Chapter (2012), Chair of the Committee on Nominations, and Chair of the Healthcare Reform Committee. I have also served on ASHP’s Council of Professional Affairs.

Three years ago, I promised I would use my financial management skills to work effectively with CSHP’s Committee of Finance, the Board of Di-rectors, CEO and the Staff. I would ensure that together we develop, plan, and implement a course of fiscal action to support the short term and long-range goals of CSHP and to build a successful future. As the current Treasurer of CSHP, I want to thank you for your trust in me to serve as the steward of CSHP’s finances for the past three years.

I am very proud that we have made great strides in strengthening CSHP’s finances in the
shortest time possible. As this is a marathon and not a sprint, I am again making this pledge to you to continue to work on this important task with the utmost dedication, competence, diligence, integrity and transparency. I look forward to continue serving you as the next CSHP Treasurer.

Candidate Video: 


Board of Director (3-Year Term)

Candidate #1: Dan E. Bauman, PharmD
(South Bay Long Beach Society of Health-System Pharmacists)
Doctor of Pharmacy University of Southern California. Clinical Informatics Pharmacist, Torrance Memorial Medical Center. Previous positions include Assistant Director, ICU pharmacist and SNF pharmacist. As a member of CSHP and ASHP; I have served in various leadership positions for the South Bay / Long Beach Chapter of CSHP, including Chapter President, Chapter Delegate, Membership Chair, Co-Chair for Educational and Industry Affairs and as Director.

Candidate Statement:
It is a great privilege and honor to be considered for a Board of Directors Position for the California Society of Health-System Pharmacists. In the time that I have been a pharmacist and involved with CSHP, I have been truly impressed with how our profession has grown and much of that progress is due to the efforts of CSHP. Involvement with my local CSHP chapter has truly been a great opportunity for personal growth and has been essential in developing my leadership skills. CHSP and my local chapter have also provided me the opportunity to connect with many other pharmacists and establish a meaningful network; which I truly value. If given the opportunity to serve on the CSHP Board of Directors, I look forward to working with the California State Board of Pharmacy and other governing bodies to help continue to elevate the practice of pharmacy.

Candidate Video:

Candidate #2: Janice Hoffman-Simen, PharmD, EdD, APh, BCGP, FASHP
(San Fernando Valley Society of Health-System Pharmacists)
Janice Hoffman-Simen is an Associate Professor at Western University of Health Sciences where she teaches geriatrics, neurology and psychiatric-related topics. She received her Pharm.D. in 1988 from USC, completed a Residency in Clinical/Administrative Psychiatric Pharmacy Practice with an emphasis in geriatrics from University of Maryland and in 2018 earned an Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership from University of La Verne. She is an RPh-APh, BCGP and FASCP with over 30 years of experience across the care-continuum including: Director of Pharmacy Service, Clinical Coordinator Inpatient/LTC, Consultant Pharmacist, Staff Pharmacist Specialist and Clinical Manager (PBM). Dr. Hoffman-Simen has served in elected positions of pharmacy organizations: National President-PLS; Chair, CPhA-LTC Academy; BOD, CALTCM (AMDA-CA); Past-President plus BOD for ASCP-California Chapter.

Candidate Statement: 
This is a very motivating time to be involved in CSHP to continue moving the pharmacy profession for-ward. Currently, CSHP is the “catalyst” in the evolution of clinical pharmacy practice. I would be honored to represent you/your patients in the policy development process of CSHP. Pharmacists play a major role in healthcare/public health exampled by the geriatric population in transitions of care, medication adherence and reducing 30-day remission rates especially related to inappropriate medication use. One of the largest growing board-certification areas is the Board-Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (BCGP) because regardless of practice-setting, many patients pharmacists serve are over age 65 years and numerous very old (over 80 years) where there is minimal research to support medication necessity and/or selection. CSHP is the transformative leader in the continual develop of legislative initiatives, pharmacist knowledge/skills with new research and profession practice proposals that ultimately lead to improved clinical decisions. With my varied pharmacy experience (from staff pharmacist to LTC Consultant and Director of Pharmacy Services), I believe I can provide the Board with valuable insight from practice experience across the health-system spectrum. It is with great respect, humility and gratitude to be considered to serve on the CSHP-Board. Thank you for taking your time reading this statement and I appreciate your support.

Candidate Video:
No Video Submitted


Candidate #3: Katayoon Kathy Ghomeshi, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, CPPS
(Golden Gate Society of Health-System Pharmacists). Kathy Ghomeshi is a Medication Safety Officer at UCSF Health and Assistant Clinical Professor at UCSF School of Pharmacy.

Dr. Ghomeshi is a board certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist and Professional in Patient Safety. She earned a BS from UC Davis, PharmD from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and MBA from University of Baltimore/Towson University. She completed PGY1 Man-aged-Care Residency at Kaiser Permanente and PGY2 Medication-Use Safety Residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Ghomeshi is Chair of ASHP’s Medication Safety Advisory Group and Member of California Hospital Association Medication Safety Committee. She volunteers for CSHP Council on Professional Affairs and Healthcare Reform Committee.

Candidate Statement:
Patient safety. These two words invoke many feelings for many people. As healthcare team members, we are involved in providing complex and complicated care to patients, and as we know, we are faced with multiple challenges and barriers daily. As people, and members of society, we ourselves are patients or caregivers and face the hope, fears and frustrations that come with the territory. Regardless of which side of the fence we may be on at any given time, it is likely that patient safety is one of the top concerns we may have when receiving or providing healthcare services. As a Medication Safety Officer, my role is to lead and support improvements in the safety and quality of pharmaceutical care that patients receive and health-care team members provide. My passion for improving safe medication use systems and collaborating with diverse teams is one that I would like to contribute to the efforts of CSHP. If given the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors, I will contribute the perspective of a front-line safety pharmacist. I will be dedicated to promoting safe medication use and advocating for development and access to tools and resources for our members.

Candidate Video:
No Video Submitted


Candidate #4: Huan (Mark) Nguyen, PharmD, BCPS, FCSHP
(Orange County Society of Health-System Pharmacists) Dr. Mark Nguyen received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Science. After receiving his Doctor of Pharmacy degree, he completed a pharmacy practice residency at VA Maryland Health Care System-Baltimore and a critical care residency at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. Dr. Nguyen joined Western University of Health Sciences in August 2007. His practice and research interests are in the area of critical care pharmacotherapy. He has been active member of CSHP for over 10 years and a board member of OCSHP since 2009 (i.e. president and board of director).

Candidate Statement:
As a pharmacist and by working with other practitioner I continue to “promote wellness, patient safety and optimal use of medications”. I continue my clinical practice at a teaching community hospital (St. Mary Medical Center, Long Beach). Formal teaching rounds occur daily throughout the hospital, leading to multiple opportunities for me, and pharmacy to actively engage with other healthcare providers. The pharmacy department at St. Mary represent and empower pharmacist and pharmacy technicians through a multitude of clinical services. These clinical services often represents advancement in our professional practice, optimal patient outcomes, and improvement in the quality of patient care. By working closely with the Pharmacy Department I have mature professionally through mentorship and guidance from the director of pharmacy (Dr. Cathy Hirokawa) and been allow to assess and implement protocols or procedures to improve patient care. I hope to have the opportunity to be an advocate and represent pharmacy practice beyond this health-system and at a state level.

Candidate Video:
No Video Submitted


Candidate #5: Robert L. Stein, PharmD, JD
(Orange County Society of Health-System Pharmacists) Professor of Practice for Pharmacy Law & Ethics at the Keck Graduate Institute School of Pharmacy, and Bioethics for the Keck Graduate Institute School of Applied Life Sciences. Dr. Stein received his Pharm.D. from the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy, and his J.D. from Western State University College of Law. Previously, he practiced in a variety of clinical, management and consulting roles, most recently in clinical Informatics and Information Technology as applied to healthcare. His professional interests focus on developments at the intersection of pharmacy law, healthcare technology, vendor contracts, and analytics and e-discovery of health records.

Dr. Stein is an active member in the American Society for Pharmacy Law (ASPL), American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP), California Society of Health System Pharmacists (CSHP) and is a director of the Orange County chapter of CSHP. He has participated on numerous committees for ASHP and CSHP, and served as Chair of CSHP’s Government Affairs Advisory Committee for 2018-2019. 

Candidate Statement:
Thank you for the opportunity to be considered for your CSHP Board of Directors. My current position as a pharmacy law and informatics educator has afforded me the time and opportunity to meaningfully contribute to our profession’s organizations.

As a pharmacist-attorney, my passion has been the intersection of medication management, informatics, and the laws that govern pharmacy practice. A three year member of GAAC (currently Chair), OCSHP Director and former Delegate to ASHP, I now seek to further my involvement with CSHP.

My career arc has admittedly been nontraditional. My past hospital positions have ranged from staff pharmacist to critical care pharmacist, establishing pharmacy services in a new high-risk obstetrics unit and Level 3 NICU, and ten years serving as Assistant Director of Pharmacy in a 220 bed community hospital.

My informatics background includes programming , implementation of inpatient pharmacy information and enterprise Electronic Health Records systems, and consulting with some of the largest health systems in California and nationally. My consulting focus was on clinician adoption of Electronic Health Records. These experiences have afforded me a great appreciation of the perspectives and workflows of other clinicians. Please consider voting for me to represent you on the Board of Directors.

Candidate Video:


Candidate #6: Sandra Leigh Bardas, BSP, FCSHP
(Quatra County Society of Health-System Pharmacists).

Sandra received her pharmacist’s degree from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and did an ASHP residency at Massachusetts General Hospital. The vast majority of her career was at Stanford Healthcare where she was a Satellite Pharmacist, Ambulatory Care Pharmacist, OR Pharmacist, Night Pharmacist, Investigational Drug Pharmacist and Emergency Medicine Pharmacist. She has published journal articles and contributed to textbooks in a wide range of these areas. In addition, Sandra is a pharmacist member of the Federal Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT-CA-6) and the SF Bay Area Unit of CAL-MAT.

Candidate Statement:
I have been a practicing pharmacist for over 40 years and have seen many advances in our practice. However, I feel we still have a way to go. I want to banish the association of the pharmacist’s image with a counting tray (as often portrayed on TV) and transform it into one as a health-care provider. We must embrace pharmacists in all practice venues and work together to achieve this goal.

As a member of the CSHP Board of Directors, I hope to encourage the initiation, education and implementation of programs promoting pharmacists as practitioners rather than merely dispensers. In order to accomplish this, we need to fully engage our technician staff. We also need to work with legislators, regulators and inspectors to insure that our practice meets and maintains the highest standards. Our new practitioners need mentors to stimulate their creativity in meeting today’s challenges and provide leadership for the future.

I look forward to continuing my practice in pharmacy in a leadership position.

Candidate Video:


New Practitioner Director (2-Year Term)

Candidate #1: Vanya Chan, PharmD
(Inland Society of Health-system Pharmacists) After working as medical technologist for 2 years, Vanya earned her Pharm.D. from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. She currently works at Loma Linda University Medical Center. She serves as clinical pharmacist providing patient care in critical care and acute care units as well as in ambulatory care setting where she co-manages the Coumadin Clinic. She is a member of the CSHP New Practitioner Executive Committee since 2017.

Candidate Statement:
It is a distinguished honor to be considered as a candidate for the New Practitioner Executive Committee (NPEC) Chair. As a current committee member over the past two years, NPEC has been a platform for me to collaborate with other well rounded pharmacists of all generations to develop networking opportunities for new practitioners and engage them in various learning settings. If given the privilege of being elected, I would endeavor to provide new practitioners resources necessary to succeed in developing their careers and empower them to collaborate with other pharmacists at a state level. I seek greater involvement with NPEC as a chair to promote CSHP new practitioner events, address needs for career development, and foster new ideas to move our profession forward as an organization. It takes all of our efforts to advance such ever evolving profession and I look forward to the opportunity. Thank you in advance for allowing me such re-warding and fulfilling experience by considering me as the new practitioner executive committee chair.

Candidate Video:

Candidate #2: James Wall, PharmD
(Golden Gate Society of Health-System Pharmacists) James earned his bachelor’s degree in Applied Sciences and Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of the Pacific. James currently works in Clinical Operations: Oncology Product Development at Genentech, Inc. in South San Francisco, California. He holds an appointment as Clinical Professor at University of the Pacific. James has always been drawn to the field of medicine and with his stepfather’s influence, decided to pursue a career in pharmacy. James has enjoyed participating in local chapters of CSHP throughout the state, as well as serving on the NPEC board since 2016. He has been influenced throughout his career by preceptors, peers and patients.

Candidate Statement:
I have been a CSHP member for approximately 6 years, both as a student and a new practitioner. During this time, I have worked on the New Practitioner Executive Committee Board for 3 years, since 2016. I have executed several projects, including the development of the New Practitioner Panel at CSHP Seminar, which has been widely attended by students, new practitioners, and preceptors. I have also held leader-ship positions in other professional pharmacy organizations at the local and national level. Serving in these various organizations has allowed me to develop my skills and also get visibility into what different organizations do to succeed. As Executive Director of the New Practitioner Executive Committee, I hope to continue our increased engagement with our new practitioner members. I believe that this level of engagement is important to continue to grow CSHP with newly graduated pharmacists, and also to help build a strong membership for our organization down the road.

Candidate Video:
No Video Submitted


Pharmacy Technician Director (3-Year Term)

Candidate #1: Cynthia Bennett, CPhT, CSPT
(Orange County Society of Health-System Pharmacists) Director of Experiential Education at Marshall B. Ketchum University, (2017-Present) CPhT, CSPT. OSCHP Pharmacy Technician Chair (2018-Present); SBLBSHP Pharmacy Technician Co-Liaison (2019); ASHP Pharmacy Technician Forum-Advancement and Advocacy Advisory Group (2019-2020); Pharmacy Technician Supervisor for Memorial Care Saddleback Medical Center (2014-2017); Pharmacy Technician at Memorial Care Long Beach Medical Center in the ICU/CCU (2004-2014); IV Technician at Option Care Home Infusion Pharmacy (2000-2017); Oncology Pharmacy Technician at the Virginia K Crosson Cancer Center at St. Jude Medical Center (2003-2010); IV Technician at CAPS-Central Admixture Pharmacy Services (1999-2006)

Candidate Statement:
It is a great honor and privilege to be considered for the Pharmacy Technician Director position for CSHP. I have been a member of CSHP and ASHP for a few years now and I am grateful to be a part of an amazing pharmacy organizations. I have served as the Pharmacy Technician Chair for almost two years now and am the Pharmacy Technician Co-Liaison for the SBLBSHP. I am active in both organizations and feel the need to get pharmacy technicians more involved in CSHP. Being an active technician for over 20 years and working in so many areas of Pharmacy has given me great experience. I started as a staff technician at a small community hospital pharmacy and worked my way into a leadership position as a Pharmacy Technician Supervisor. Then I transitioned into academia as the Director of Experiential Education at Marshall B. Ketchum University, College of Pharmacy. If given the opportunity to serve as the Pharmacy Technician Director, I look forward to working with the Board of Directors of CSHP to continue to advocate for Pharmacy Technicians and promote our roles in the pharmacy profession.

Candidate Video:
No Video Submitted

Candidate #2: Thomas Harper, CPhT
(Sacramento Valley Society of Health-system Pharmacists) Tom have been a certified pharmacy technician since 2009 working in various pharmacy settings such as inpatient, outpatient, clinical, correctional, and administration. I hold both my Bachelor of Science in healthcare administration and Master of Public Health degrees. Currently I am the controlled substance diversion prevention program manager for UC Davis Health where I have been a member of the pharmacy team since 2010. Working as a program manager, I have been given the opportunity to chair various multidisciplinary committees, present at the CSHP Seminars as well as present on drug diversion at the 2019 International Health Facility Diversion Association (IHFDA) in Orlando, Florida. I have also held the position of Chair and Co-Chair of the CSHP Pharmacy Technician Executive Leadership (PTEL). Working alongside pharmacists, technicians, and other healthcare professionals in these settings have given me the opportunity to grow professionally within the pharmacy and has given me the knowledge, experience, and maturity to excel in a leadership position.

Candidate Statement:
I have a driving passion to help ensure that pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are working at the top of their license. If elected as the next pharmacy technician director, I will work together with our CSHP pharmacists and technicians to collaboratively meet the goals and objectives of the organization. It would be an honor to serve my fellow pharmacy technicians for the next three years and work as closely as possible to assist our pharmacist colleagues in any way possible.

Candidate Video:


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