Press Release: CSHP Releases Details of Sponsored California Legislation
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Contact: Loriann DeMartini, PharmD, CSHP CEO 
California Society of Health-System Pharmacists 












 California Society of Health-System Pharmacists Releases Details of Sponsored California Legislation

Sacramento, CA - Today, CSHP has unveiled a Legislative proposal authored by Senate Health Committee Chairman Ed Hernandez. The bill, known as SB 716, would add a pharmacy technician member to the California State Board of Pharmacy in an effort to improve public safety and ensure pharmacy technicians have a dedicated voice on their governing regulatory board. 


There are more than 73,000 pharmacy technicians registered in the state who play an important role in day to day pharmacy operations and patient care. Despite their increasingly important role in the health care delivery system, pharmacy technicians lack a voice on the board that governs them and the board has a limited ability to fully understand the professional obligations and standards specific to pharmacy technicians. 


The nature of the pharmacy technician profession has changed significantly over the years in response to an evolution of health care delivery and advancements in the practice of pharmacy. Changes in recent state law allowing pharmacists to engage in more direct patient care have only further advanced the types of tasks that pharmacy technicians are empowered to complete.


"Given the large numbers of pharmacy technicians practicing in California and the increasingly complex procedures they are being asked to perform, patient safety would be greatly improved by ensuring the Board of Pharmacy has representatives that clearly understand the standards of practice for this specific professional designation,” said CSHP CEO Loriann DeMartini, PharmD.


Other states, including Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Texas, have already recognized the need to include pharmacy technicians in regulatory oversight proceedings and have passed laws to include members of this profession on their respective governing boards.


“As the pharmacy profession evolves, CSHP feels strongly our technician partners need to be involved in every aspect of practice, and that includes its oversight and regulation,” said Vicky Ferraresi, Pharm.D., FASHP, FCSHP, President of CSHP. “This full integration of the profession would be best accomplished by seating a pharmacy technician on the California Board of Pharmacy.




Loriann DeMartini, PharmD

Chief Executive Officer

California Society of Health-System Pharmacists


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