Voice Your Support for Assembly Bill 1131: Comprehensive Medication Management
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Date: May 8, 2019

Contact CSHP: Loriann De Martini, PharmD, BCGP - CEO
Contact CPhA: Michelle Rivas - Vice President, Center for Advocacy












AB 1131: Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM)

Co-sponsored by CSHP & CPhA

CMM is a pharmacist led, physician approved, patient-centered coordinated approach to medication management shown to optimize clinical and patient goals.

As medication experts, pharmacists are the ideal healthcare provider to deliver comprehensive medication management services as part of a team-based health care model.  AB 1131 would help increase medication adherence and appropriate utilization by having CMM services be a covered benefit under Medi-Cal.  AB 1131 will help improve health outcomes and reduce health care costs within the Medi-Cal program by utilizing pharmacists in collaboration with physicians to optimize medication management for chronic disease patients.


CMM programs have a proven track record of increasing medication adherence, improving patient outcomes, and reducing healthcare expenditures in Medicaid programs.  Fifteen state Medicaid programs and the Medicare program currently provide beneficiaries with some form of medication management services.  Through optimization of medication therapy, patients with chronic health conditions will require fewer medical services, avoid costly emergency room visits, and experience fewer hospital readmissions.  CMM services improve clinical outcomes for numerous chronic diseases, including hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, COPD, and mental health.


CSHP and CPhA request each of its respective membership to  voice your support of AB 1131 and encourage local constituents to support this bill as it makes its way through the legislative process.  


CSHP and CPhA thank Assembly member Todd Gloria for his leadership in authoring AB 1131 and helping us in our joint effort to help improve health outcomes for Medi-Cal patients.




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