CSHP NPEC Newsletter: Volume 1 - Issue 2
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Volume 1 | Issue 2
May 2019

CSHP NPEC Newsletter


Reflection on CA Pharmacy Legislative Day
Written by: Kimberly Won, PharmD, BCCP


On April 2, 2019, the California Society of Health-System Pharmacists (CSHP) and the California Pharmacist Association (CPhA) leaders joined together with pharmacists from all over California at the state’s capitol building in Sacramento, California for Pharmacy Legislative Day. The day started with welcome remarks from CSHP President-Elect, Lisa Gunther Lum and CSHP CEO, Loriann DeMartini, followed by a series of guest speakers, including the Chairs of the Senate Health Committee and Assembly Health Committee, Senator Richard Pan and Assembly Member Jim Wood, respectively, the California Deputy Cabinet Secretary, Richard Figueroa, and Assembly Members, Rob Bonta and Todd Gloria.


The speakers discussed their efforts in supporting preventative health, vaccinations, the new proposed soda tax, and better access to HIV pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis. There was also discussion about the opioid epidemic, including access to naloxone and Medication-Assisted Treatment. Pharmacists had the opportunity to ask questions, share their personal pharmacy-related experiences, and propose new ideas.  Independent pharmacy owners enlightened the congress people about frequently having to spend their own money to obtain medications for their patients, and others expressed their concern for the need of more mental health and behavioral support services to help the underlying problems of the opioid epidemic.


In the afternoon, attendees had appointments with members of the State Senate and State Assembly to promote the pharmacy profession and to discuss legislature that could impact pharmacists, including Assembly Bill (AB) 1131 and AB 1468.

  1. AB 1131, introduced by Assembly Member, Todd Gloria, would make comprehensive medication management services a covered service under Medi-Cal. This will hopefully improve clinical outcomes, increase medication adherence and reduce healthcare expenditures. CSHP and CPhA are in support of this bill and are co-sponsors (submit your letter of support here).
  2. AB 1468, introduced by Assembly Members, Kevin McCarty and James Gallagher, would impose a tax on opioid manufacturers and wholesalers. Though this is viewed as a positive step in the right direction, pharmacy leaders are worried that this tax may eventually be passed down to the community pharmacies as it would be difficult to oversee and enforce this tax on the manufacturers. CSHP is supporting CPhA’s opposition of this bill.

Overall, the Pharmacy Legislative Day was a great success filled with pharmacist collaboration, informative discussions, cross-profession networking and raising pharmacy awareness.  This annual event would be a great experience for any new practitioner to attend, especially those who are interested in pharmacy advocacy and promoting the pharmacy profession!


New Practitioner Spotlights


Elizabeth Vuong, PharmD

Current Position: 

Heart Failure Ambulatory Care Pharmacist, Kaiser Permanente

Adjunct Faculty Touro University and UOP


Pharmacy School: Touro University c/o 2015


Residency: PGY-1 Pharmacy Resident at UC San Diego


Professional Affiliations/Activities: CSHP Diablo Chapter, Rho Chi, CPhA


How has being a CSHP member helped you to where you are now?

Being a CSHP member has opened many doors for avenues or me. I am active in my local DSHP chapter and by attending Board Meetings, CE dinners, Drug Information dinners, and being involved with my local chapter, I have extended my own personal network of wonderful Pharmacists. I have started to learn how the Diablo Chapter works and as I continue to gain more knowledge, I hope to hold higher Board positions in the future.


Tell us a little more about yourself:  I attended my first DSHP meeting after starting my position at Kaiser in July 2016. Since then, I have been involved as Newsletter Chair and continue to attend DSHP events. These events keep me linked with professionals in the field and help me advocate for the Pharmacy profession. I would love to continue being Newsletter Chair and start being involved in other positions such as Delegate.


Giving back to my Pharmacy school will continue to be a passion. As Adjunct Faculty for Touro University, I continue to precept for several clinics such as Berkeley Suitcase Clinic. I love meeting Pharmacy students and interacting with them. Since I recently completed Pharmacy school and Residency, they have found my input insightful and valuable.


As a New Practitioner, we’re worried about finding a stable position and paying off our exorbitant loans. However, I find it is extremely important to stay involved with my local Pharmacy chapter (DSHP) as well as involved with my local Pharmacy school. The concept of "Paying it Forward" is so important to be. During my time as a student and PGY1 Pharmacy Resident at UC San Diego, I have met so many wonderful and inspiring Pharmacists who have given me so much insight, knowledge, and time from their own busy lives. I want to continue giving now that I am in a position where I can support my Pharmacy community, Pharmacy school, Pharmacy students, and the profession as a whole.


Mustafa Hussain, PharmD

Current Position: CVS Pharmacist


Pharmacy School: UCSD c/o 2018


Professional Affiliations/Activities: CSHP Golden Gate, APhA


How has being a CSHP member helped you to where you are now?
eing apart of CSHP has been a blessing because I was able to do more than just go to work at CVS. After 1 event with CHSP doing a health fair, I now have a group of students at Touro university that are constantly asking for a pharmacist to sign of on their hours. This is amazing because I love doing those outreaches and now as a pharmacist I get to teach the students and test their clinical knowledge, and even give them school tips such as APPE rotations and residency applications.


Tell us a little more about yourself: On a personal level, working for CVS has been great because I have always used the one by my house for years but now as a pharmacist it benefits my parents and work location is closer to home with so many stores to hop from. Professionally, the position has enhanced my leadership skills as I am the only pharmacist during most shifts with a small team of technicians to guide.





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Sonny Le, PharmD, BCPS, PGY2 Oncology Resident | Kaiser Permanente San Diego

  • Journal Club Article: Pembroliumab Plus Axitinib Versus Sunitinib for Advanced Renal-cell Carcinoma


Janet Cantada, PharmD, PGY1 Community Resident | UC San Diego/Ralphs

  • Journal Club Article: Baloxavir Marboxil for Uncomplicated Influenza in Adults and Adolescents



Get More Involved With CSHP


Call for writers for the CJHP New Practitioner Column!
This column is a great opportunity for pharmacists to write about topics relevant for new practitioners.


Call for the New Practitioner Journal Club Webinar Series

  • This is a great opportunity for new practitioners, including pharmacy residents, to get involved. It can also help new practitioner viewers stay up-to-date on current literature while earning CE credit for it!
  • For questions about being a journal club presenter, please email Kimberly Won, PharmD, BCCCP (won@chapman.edu) or Tung Nguyen, PharmD (nguyenatung@gmail.com)
  • For those interested in presenting, submit your interest on the website: https://www.cshp.org/page/JCPresenters


Call for Participation!

Please help us understand how we can better serve you! 

6 question membership survey available at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5Z3DMBJ



Annual Membership Survey


NPEC Mentorship Program Updates:

CSHP NPEC has launched the first Mentorship program on February 2019. Currently we have 25 mentors and 34 mentees throughout California joined us for this program. Participants in this program came from various pharmacy background including pharmacy interns, residents, clinical pharmacists, pharmacy supervisors and operations managers etc. in Cardiology, Oncology, Infectious disease, Critical Care, Informatics, Drug Info, Ambulatory Care, Emergency Medicine etc. Hope you can join us for the next launch in 2020! Feel free to sign up below: 


Mentorship is a very significant aspect of leadership development. One of the most important facets of leadership is influence, and when you are mentoring, you are providing influence to an aspiring leader. Mentoring is a very rewarding experience for both the mentor and the mentee. As a mentor and as a mentee, you will both give and receive during the mentoring program.



CSHP NPEC 2019 Members (Website)

  •  Amy Kang, Chair
  • Vanya Chan
  • Brandon Chang
  • Benjamin Malcolm
  • Tung Nguyen
  • Yi Shi
  • James Wall
  • Kimberly Won
  • Stephanie Wong


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