Seminar 2018: Call for Speakers
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Call for Speakers
The California Society of Health-System Pharmacists (CSHP) invites proposals for education sessions to be presented at Seminar 2018, October 4-7 2018 in San Diego.  Sessions designed for continuing pharmacy education (accredited for CPE) and those designed for students (non-accredited) will use this form to submit proposals.  THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT IS APRIL 15, 2018, 12:00am PST. Seminar 2018 is three (3) weeks earlier than usual this year. Be sure to plan accordingly for this shortened timeline. 

About Seminar 2018
CSHP’s Seminar consistently brings over 2000 health-system pharmacists, pharmacy directors and leaders, university faculty members, pharmacy students/residents and other health care professionals together each year. This is the largest state conference for pharmacy professionals in California. It draws pharmacy professionals from all over the state, as well as, surrounding states and nationwide.


CPE Session Requirements
Presenters should have expertise or in-depth knowledge in the area they are presenting.  Content should follow evidence-based medicine standards. For CPE sessions, all sessions must adhere to ACPE requirements. Specifically, all presentations should:

  • Be based on and reference the best available evidence;
  • Give a fair and balanced view of therapeutic options;
  • Incorporate active learning into the session*

*See helpful documents below.


Topic Categories
CSHP is seeking educational sessions which fall into these broad categories:


Infectious Diseases


Student Programming*

Critical Care/ER Medicine

Medication Safety

Practice Management

Technician Programming


New Drugs/Therapeutic Updates/Specialty Drugs

Preceptor Development

Travel Medicine


Supportive Care

Pain Management/Opioid Stewardship

Legislation/Regulatory Issues

*Although student sessions are not accredited CPE, they will still go through the same process for approval.


What Makes a Good Proposal?
A good proposal is complete, well-written and has enough information to get an accurate assessment of the session. Sessions are generally 60 minutes and no more than 2 speakers per session will be accepted. If the session will be a workshop or panel format, exceptions may be made for speaker number.  Submit only one proposal per session. Finally, make sure your proposal includes:

  1. A well-defined session description;
  2.  A detailed description of the knowledge or practice gap this session will address (including new legislation, research or changes in practice);
  3. ACPE compliant learning objectives* which are clear and measurable. Generally, plan for 3-5 objectives per hour of CPE.

Note: Descriptions and education gap may be may be used for marketing purposes should the session be approved. 

*See helpful documents below.


Timesaving Tip
The website form will time out after 45 minutes of inactivity.  The form does not auto-save as you type, so any partially input data will be lost. To save yourself time and frustration, organize your content ahead of time and then input it into the form all at once. 


Evaluation of Proposals
Proposals will be evaluated by the 2018 CPE Committee. Notifications of acceptance will be sent no later than Friday, May 11, 2018. 


If you have questions, please contact or call the CSHP office at 916-447-1033.


Deadline to Submit: April 15th, 2018, 12:00am PST


Call for Speakers - Helpful Documents

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Guidelines for Submitting an Abstract PDF (172.92 KB) Administration 3/15/2018
Active Learning Guidelines PDF (56.91 KB) Administration 1/24/2018


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