Abstract Submittal for Seminar 2019
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The website form will time out after 45 minutes of inactivity.  The form does not auto-save as you type, so any partially input data will be lost. To save yourself time and frustration, organize your content ahead of time and then input it into the form all at once. 

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Submit one abstract per session only. Complete co-presenter's information below if applicable.

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Describe (in general terms) some examples of the primary sources of information or evidence which you plan to use as a basis for content of the presentation. (A complete list is not needed and do not provide specifics such as the detailed reference citations which will be in your list of references for the presentation.)

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Explain the gap(s) in pharmacists’/technicians’ knowledge or practices which this session addresses. If possible, provide a source to back up the need for this session (e.g. new legislation, research, scholarly article, survey, your organizations' findings, etc.).
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Learning objectives should focus on what the attendee will be able to do as a result of attending the session (click here for guidelines on writing objectives).

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Note: To improve the overall schedule for our attendees, your session may be scheduled any time between Thursday and Sunday, if accepted.

What other Seminar activities will you be participating in? (e.g., Reverse Exhibit Hall, Residency Showcase, House of Delegates, University Receptions, etc.). The CPE Committee will consider this as the schedule is developed.

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