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Legislative Updates for CSHP Members

CSHP is excited to introduce a new feature to our AdvocacySource Newsletter and to our membership!  CSHP's lobbying firm, the Weideman Group, will author a guest column, CSHP at the Capitol, twice monthly to give CSHP members a window into the Capitol and highlight CSHP's advocacy efforts in Sacramento. 

CSHP has utilized the Weideman Group for several years now as part of the society's government affairs program. The principal of Weideman Group, Mark Weideman, was CSHP's lobbyist during the passage of SB 493 and played a pivotal role in the bill's ultimate success. Mark Weideman has also been CSHP's chief advocate for bills like SB 1039 and AB 486 and will continue to represent CSHP in the legislature.

Another key Weideman Group advocate for CSHP is Tim Valderrama, who was Senator Hernandez's Chief of Staff for more than six years, including the period when the senator authored and passed SB 493 in 2013. Valderrama has been at the center of California's healthcare policymaking for many years and brings a wealth of expertise to CSHP. This includes Valderrama working closely with Senator Hernandez on California's successful implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the startup of Covered California, and the expansion of Medi-Cal coverage.

We hope you'll enjoy these guest columns from Weideman Group, and join us in 2018 as CSHP continues to advance its mission of promoting "wellness, patient safety and the optimal use of medication" through advocacy efforts at the Capitol!

January 9, 2018

It's the start of a new year...which means the Legislature is ready to get to work again.

The Legislature reconvened on January 3 for the start of the second year of its 2-year legislative session. Any bills that did not pass during the first legislative year and that were not procedurally held from moving forward become what are known as "two-year" bills, and are eligible for consideration again in 2018. That means several legislative proposals considered in 2017 will likely come back again in 2018.

What might the next couple of months look like in the California Legislature? We typically see a flurry of activity in January due to what is known as the "house of origin deadline". What that means is any bills introduced in 2017 that have not yet moved out of their house of origin and into the second house of the Legislature must move into the opposite house no later than January 31, 2018 to be eligible for further consideration. This creates a time-crunch that forces bills to either successfully move or be shelved until the following year.

Additionally, legislators are required to introduce any new 2018 legislation by February 16, 2018. We expect to see multiple pharmacy-related bills introduced in the coming weeks. Three legislative proposals relating to CURES have already been introduced and more pharmacy-related bills are expected to be introduced over the next month. The Legislature shifts gears after its legislative introduction deadline and moves into its committee season, where bills are being heard and then voted on in committees.

Beyond legislation itself, 2018 is of course an election year, with the Primary Election happening on June 5 and the General Election occurring in November. This will inject in increased level of partisanship as legislators eye upcoming campaigns. 

With all this as the backdrop, CSHP is more committed than ever to promoting the pharmacy professional's role in providing high quality, accessible healthcare for all Californians. 

In the coming weeks CSHP will be reconvening its Government Affairs Advisory Committee (GAAC), which is a voluntary committee made up of pharmacy professionals that work with CSHP staff to review and analyze introduced legislation. GAAC members will make recommendations to staff that than go to CSHP's Board of Directors for review and approval.

Never forget, the success of CSHP's advocacy to promote and protect the pharmacy profession is a direct function of -- you!


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