CalHEN ADE GAP Analysis
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CSHP and CalHEN: ADE Partnership

In a continuing effort to promote wellness, patient safety and the optimal use of medication, CSHP is pleased to partner with the California Hospital Engagement Network (CalHEN), an affiliate of the California Hospital Association and the Hospital Quality Institute (HQI) to bring additional education, effective clinical strategies and resources to our members.

Working to advance the goals of the CMS Partnership for Patients (PfP) campaign, The California Hospital Engagement Network strives to reduce harm in all areas by 40 percent and readmissions by 20 percent by the end of 2013. The California Hospital Engagement Network works directly with the Health Research, Education and Trust (HRET); an affiliate of the American Hospital Association (AHA).

CSHP is proud to be part of that effort and is asking for your help in identifying areas where your institution could use additional education, resources and opportunities to network with other hospitals to reduce harm. Based on research conducted in other states, CalHEN and CSHP have collaborated to offer three short medication safety gap analysis surveys in the following high risk medication incident areas:

Hypoglycemia (Insulin and oral agents)
Opioid Use
Each survey is an assessment tool that will enable you to evaluate your current adverse drug reduction plan with critical elements found in high performing hospitals that have successful reduced harm. The survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.  CSHP will send out each survey in five week intervals from July to October 2013. Four weeks following each survey a 30 minute sharing call will be conducted so respondents can participate in learning the survey findings and a brief discussion.


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