Affiliate Chapter Grants
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CSHP grants money to affiliated chapters that have taken the lead to implement programs that benefit the public. Furthermore, CSHP recognizes affiliate chapters for their efforts in recruiting and retaining members through the Chapter Membership Competition.

Chapter Grants

On an annual basis, CSHP designates funds for potential distribution in the form of donations and/or grants to CSHP affiliated chapters. Grant requests should be submitted through the affiliated chapters as requests from individuals will not be accepted. The following factors will be considered in determining whether donation or grant requests will be funded:

  • Promotes the profession of pharmacy;
  • Promotes patient care;
  • Supports CSHP’s mission and vision.

Examples of appropriate grant requests include, but are not limited to:

  • Funding to develop, print and provide drug information packets at health fairs;
  • Funding to sponsor Poison Prevention weeks or development of area specific Poison Prevention Posters;
  • Funding to develop member recruitment material for a CSHP local chapter.

Applications should be sent to Treasurer, CSHP, 1314 H Street, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95814. The annual deadline to apply for an affiliate grant is October 15.

View Past Chapter Grant Recipients


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