Member Classification
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Classification of Member Types (From CSHP Bylaws: Article IV - Section 1B)

Membership shall consist of the following classifications:

(i) Active Members. Active members shall be pharmacists licensed by any state, district, or territory of the United States or individuals graduated from an accredited pharmacy school and eligible for state licensure.

(ii) Honorary Members. Honorary members may be elected from among individuals who are or have been especially interested in, or who have made outstanding contributions to, pharmacy practice in organized health care settings. Honorary members shall not pay dues but may hold office and vote if otherwise eligible for active membership.

(iii) Associate Members. Associate members in the Society shall consist of supporting members and student members. Associate Page 7 of 38 members shall receive publications and general communications of the Society, may attend meetings, may be granted the privilege of the floor, but shall not be entitled to hold an elected office, except as otherwise provided in these Bylaws.

  • (A) Supporting members may be individuals other than licensed pharmacists who support the purposes of the Society.
  • (B) Student members may be individuals enrolled in professional degree programs in an accredited college of pharmacy or in a technician training program, and who support the purposes of CSHP.

(iv) Technician Members. Technician members shall be technicians licensed and or employed or retired by any state territory, or district of the U.S. who support the purpose of CSHP or employed by any government entity.


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