Consumer Information: Your Pharmacists
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When you or a loved one become a patient in a hospital or health-system, you should know an important part of your medical team is a doctor of pharmacy – a medication expert whose skill will improve the quality of your care and treatment.


Hospital and health-system pharmacists are your trusted partners in healthcare. Patients in hospitals and health systems receive better care when pharmacists are involved in medication decisions. Pharmacists evaluate medication orders (prescriptions) to ensure that the right patient receives the right drug, for the right reason, and at the right dose and time. Health-system pharmacists serve as medication experts for physicians, nurses, other health practitioners, and patients.

 Consumer Resources

How to Protect Yourself from Fake Drugs - Simple steps to follow to insure prescriptions come from reliable pharmacies.

Tips for Recognizing Counterfeit Drugs – Quick tips for protecting yourself from counterfeit medications.

California Health Advocates – Free individual counseling and group educational presentations about Medicare and other health care issues.

Informational Video for Consumers – Avoiding Medication Errors – A Board of Pharmacy informational video for consumers on avoiding medication errors.

Partners in D - A statewide program of seven California pharmacy schools dedicated to helping underserved seniors get the most out of the Medicare Part D benefit.

Safe Medication – A trusted source of drug information, information on your medications and your hospital pharmacists, and medication tips and tools.

Useful Medication Consumers Tips – Compliments of the Board of Pharmacy regarding your medication related questions.

NCPIE – New Drug Facts Label – A useful tool in helping you to understand important prescription information.

Southern California Cancer Pain Initiative - Is a nonprofit volunteer interdisciplinary organization made up of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and many other professionals dedicated to the relief of cancer pain.

Drug Watch - Advocacy group aiming to educate people on defective and dangerous prescription/OTC drugs and medical devices.

CMS Informational Bulletin: January 17, 2017 - State Flexibility to Facilitate Timely Access to Drug Therapy by Expanding the Scope of Pharmacy Practice using Collaborative Practice Agreements, Standing Orders or Other Predetermined Protocols


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