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In 2006, the CSHP Foundation was founded as a non-profit, charitable 501 (c) (3) corporation.   The founding members of the Foundation were the CSHP Board of Directors.  The Foundation held its first board meeting in 2008.  John J. Carbone was the founding president of the Foundation, and has been led by board presidents, Jay Rho, Virginia White, Nancy Korman, Maria Serpa, Lisa Gunther Lum and their respective board members over the ensuing 11 years.

Seeded by the generous donations of their respective families, the Joseph Beckerman scholarship (2009) and the John Carbone scholarship (2016) were established to recognize and honor these two health system pharmacy leaders.  Both men were dedicated to their profession and were both leaders in CSHP.  They both understood the responsibility of mentoring, educating and training future generations of practitioners and leaders for the profession.

Annually, each scholarship recognizes a student who through their actions and deeds have demonstrated the qualities of ethical behavior, professionalism, leadership, caring, and compassion and a desire to practice and/or be a leader in health system pharmacy.  Since their inception, each scholarship has relied on the generous donations of CSHP members and non-members to sustain the funding of these scholarships. I encourage you to continue to invest in the future health system pharmacy practitioners and leaders by donating to these scholarships.  If you have been donating, please continue to do so. If you have not been donating, please begin to make an annual investment.

Over the years, the CSHP Foundation has engaged in efforts to financially support its Mission and Vision.  As examples, it obtained the contract for managing the Western States Conference for Residents and Preceptors in 2010.  It has also has had success in obtaining a grant that supported The Pharmacist's Role in the Interdisciplinary Care of the Aging    Population, Pharmacy Training & Practice, Report of Findings (2014). Annually, the Foundation has also supported, in collaboration with the Seminar CE Committee, presentations that reflected its Mission and Vision of supporting research and education that improve public health and welfare.  The Foundation has, however, struggled to develop streams of sustainable funding.  This is extremely important to the Foundation and its ability to achieve its Mission and Vision, both of which require funds to support research and educational programing.

In 2018, the Foundation board began its efforts to achieve its Mission and Vision by diversifying its membership to include non-pharmacist to assist in the effort to develop sustainable sources of funds.  Our first non-pharmacist was Ms. Ariana Longley, MPH and Chief Operating Officer, Patient Safety Movement Foundation.  This year we added Dr. Lynn Tashiro, professor in physics at California State University, Sacramento (CSUS), who brings with her experience in obtaining grants for science education and has been the Faculty Coordinator for the University Learning Community Program since 2003.  We also added another non-pharmacist and a pharmacist, both of whom are well known to health system pharmacy and pharmacy education, Dr. Kathy Knapp and Dr. Rita Jew. Other member of the current Foundation Board include Drs. Tracey Okabe-Yamamura, James Scott and Loriann De Martini.  The Foundation is ably staffed by Ms. Preena Lobo.  Each member brings their unique experiences, energy and expertise to the Foundation Board.  Based on the  strategic planning session held in early September, this Board is moving the Foundation in a very positive direction programmatically and in the development of sustainable resources to support programs that will foster the Foundation’s Mission and Vision.

However, the CSHP Foundation will always be reliant on you, the individual CSHP member, to support the Foundation.  You can see the list of donors includes the Foundation Board members and other members, but for an organization of over 4,000 members, the number of contributors is woefully small.  I ask that you consider doing your part in investing in the Foundation and in its Mission and Vision.

Supporting research and education that improve public health and welfare. 
To promote public health and the safe use of medication through research and education.

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CSHP Foundation Governing Documents

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
CSHP Foundation Strategic Plan 2017-2020.pdf PDF (99.39 KB) Administration 9/27/2017
CSHP Foundation Mission & Vision Statements.pdf PDF (107.51 KB) Administration 11/21/2017


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