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Forms and “Helpful Hints”

Amending Language Form

Resolutions (Resolution Form): Due by 5pm, Thursday, August 27,2020

A Resolution is “a formal statement of a decision or expression of opinion put before or adopted by an assembly …” (Dictionary.com).

Resolutions brought to the CSHP House of Delegates require sponsorship by any two (2) active members (they need not be delegates) and may be offered on behalf of themselves or one or more regional chapters.

If you would like to submit a resolution for consideration by the House, please send it to CSHP Headquarters.  Resolutions submitted to the House of Delegates must bear the signature of at least two (2) active members of the Society and must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the meeting of the House of Delegates (no later than close of business, Friday, September 7).  (See Article XII of the rules of procedure for the House of Delegates.)

House of Delegates’ regulations require that all resolutions not voluntarily withdrawn by the originators shall be presented be acted upon at the House of Delegates meeting.  The Board of Directors will submit the resolutions(s) to the House of Delegates as follows:

a.     Recommend adoption

b.     Not recommend adoption

c.     Recommend referral to a committee for further study, or

d.     Present with no recommendation

New Business (New Business Form): Due by 5pm, Saturday, September 26th, 2020

CSHP defines new business as a resolution (a formal statement of a decision or expression of opinion put before or adopted by an assembly) put before the CSHP House of Delegates after the published deadline but no later than 5PM the day before the meeting of the House.

Only delegates may submit new business items.  (A non-delegate member of CSHP may request a delegate to introduce the measure on his/her behalf, or may request the House’s permission to submit an item of new business.)

Any delegate planning to introduce a motion under new business must submit a written copy in advance of the meeting. Any motions under new business received before the second distribution to delegates will be included in that distribution.

Recommendations (Recommendation Form)

A recommendation is “something, such as a course of action” that is given as “advice,” defined as an “opinion about what could or should be done about a situation or problem; counsel.”  (Dictionary.com).

Recommendations may be offered by a delegate, as an individual or on behalf of a delegation, and may be made during either meeting of the CSHP House of Delegates.

Delegates will have an opportunity during the meeting of the House to present recommendations for consideration in the next Society year. To assure accuracy, a copy of each recommendation presented should also be submitted to the secretary of the House (Loriann DeMartini, CEO) immediately after presentation.

Caucus Rooms (Caucus Room Reservation Form)

Caucus rooms will be made available to the regional chapters, student chapters and technician division delegations. This mailing includes a form to use if your chapter wishes to reserve a caucus room in advance of the meeting.  Delegates will also be able to reserve a caucus room once they arrive in Las Vegas by contacting a CSHP staff member, located at the CSHP Help Desk.  Since the number of available rooms is limited, rooms will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

HOD Resource Files

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Rules of Procedure for the CSHP HOD PDF (25.75 KB) Administration 8/28/2017
CSHP Bylaws DOCX (206.35 KB)  more ] Administration 4/25/2019
CSHP Professional Policy DOCX (322.33 KB) Administration 8/5/2019
CSHP Strategic Map PDF (308.78 KB) Administration 8/5/2019
CSHP Policy Development Process DOCX (146.27 KB) Administration 8/27/2017
Delegate Orientation to the CSHP HOD PPTX (535.34 KB) Administration 8/6/2019
How to Participate in the HOD PDF (116.44 KB) Administration 8/28/2017
The STP Process DOC (283 KB) Administration 8/27/2017
STP Template DOCX (159.59 KB) Administration 8/27/2017
Summary of Roberts Rules of Order DOCX (31.47 KB) Administration 8/28/2017
Chart of Motion-Robert's Rules of Order DOCX (45 KB) Administration 8/28/2017
BOD Highlight Files Link Administration 8/28/2017


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