Honorary Members
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The CSHP Board of Directors bestows lifetime Honorary Membership on individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to CSHP, the profession of pharmacy in health-care settings or the community.


Note: Applications submitted in 2020, will be reviewed for 2021.


2019 Recipients

Kenneth H. Schell
(Press Release)

Horace Williams
(Press Release)

Past Recipients
  • 2018: Steven Gray, PharmD, JD
  • 2018: Virginia Herold, MS
  • 2017: Sam Shimomura, PharmD, FASHP, FCSHP
  • 2015: Glenn Yokoyama, PharmD, FCSHP
  • 2014: John J. Carbone, PharmD, FCSHP*
  • 2013: Nelly Nigro, RPh, BS, MPH*
  • 2011: Norman Ashcraft, PharmD
  • 2010: Paul J. LeSage
  • 2009: Kenneth S. Reifman, RPh, FASHP, FCSHP
  • 2007: Max Ray, PharmD
  • 2004: Teresa Ann Miller, PharmD
  • 2000: Katherine Owyoung, BS
  • 1998: Lawrence Strom II, PharmD, FCSHP, FASHP*
  • 1997: Joseph A. Oddis, SCD
  • 1995: Donald Sorby, MS, PhD
  • 1989: Eric Owyang, PharmD*
  • 1989: Peter Solyom, BS
  • 1988: Joseph H. Beckerman, PharmD*

* Deceased

  • Recipients of Honorary Membership will forever be associated with CSHP, and must therefore be of sufficient standing within the profession of pharmacy or the community so as to honor the society by receiving honorary membership.
  • Recipients must be individuals who are or have been especially interested in or who have made outstanding contributions in pharmacy practice in organized health care settings.
  • Individuals currently holding elected positions in CSHP or those employed by the Society are ineligible.

Honorary members will be recognized at the next CSHP Seminar meeting (receiving complimentary registration) and shall not pay dues, but may hold office and vote if otherwise eligible for active membership.


The 2020 deadline for submissions is June 1st.


Contact CSHP at MemberServices@CSHP.org or call our office at 916-447-1033.

Application & Submission


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