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CSHP Intern Spotlight - October 1st, 2018
Sufeng Hsu - Touro University California (CSHP Intern)

CSHP has begun hosting pharmacy students on rotation at our CSHP office! This month we asked our most recent intern, Sufeng Hsu, about her experiences and journey. Join us on this unique adventure!

“The greatest wealth is health”, my mother always told me, “Possessing good health without the worry of disease or illness makes one rich in the greatest possible way.” I may not have known it then, but this gave me a strong desire to pursue a career that would improve the lives and health of others. Ultimately, I decided to embark on a journey to pursue a career in pharmacy. My interest in becoming a pharmacist came from my compassion to serve, my earnest desire to help others, my volunteer experience at local nursing homes, and my work experience as a pharmacy technician. However, my journey in pursuing a career in pharmacy has been a winding path.

I grew up in a fruit farming family in Taiwan. Even though education has always been very important to me at the university level, my family did not have the resources for college. The family farm was the priority and education took a backseat. I eventually left the farming life and came to the U.S. as an immigrant to pursue my American dream. I have faced many daunting challenges over the years since moving to the U.S., not only the typical challenges associated with learning a new culture, but also supporting myself, scraping together resources to reach my academic and career goals. I took on various jobs, working as a cleanroom operator at a semiconductor company, as a graveyard shift stocker at Target department store, as a teacher assistant at a Montessori preschool, and as a pharmacy technician at two long-term care pharmacies. At the same time, I took classes at a community college to improve my English skills and to fulfill my lower division college courses.

Thirteen years of hard work and perseverance paid off. The day I received an acceptance letter from the University of California, Los Angeles, one of the best universities in the U.S., was the best day of my life. Two years later, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and was also accepted into Touro University California School of Pharmacy. It was a milestone for me and my family. I am the youngest of the seven children and the first to obtain a college degree.

To me, life is a daring adventure full of challenges. Challenges have always provided me with opportunities to grow and I know that will continue throughout my life. I am now a 4th-year pharmacy student standing on the cusp of a yet another journey to pursue a residency in pharmacy. I am excited to be one step closer to my goal of improving life and health of others and I am ready to take on a new set of challenges.


Volunteer Work Abroad in Ghana! - August 8th, 2018
Thomas Harper,  MPH, CPhT, FCSHP – Chair, CSHP Pharmacy Technician Executive Leadership

This summer I was privileged to have the opportunity to travel to Sekondi, Ghana to participate in the University of New England’s Cross Cultural Immersion Program.  I was able to serve alongside eight of my classmates from various programs, including nursing, pharmacy, social work, and public health. We also worked in collaboration with health care providers from the University of Cape Coast. During our two week medical-mission, we set up three clinics in Sekondi and in rural communities to provide medical care.  The lessons I learned while on this mission trip will undoubtedly shape my personal and professional life for many years to come.   Below is one of the lessons I learned about short-term mission trips.  I hope that by reading this experience you will think about the impact that short-term mission trips have on the lives of those we serve and on our own lives. 

I had my first doubts about the benefits of short-term mission trips while I was boarding my plane from Boston, Massachusetts to Accra, Ghana on May 21, 2018.   I refused to believe that I would be serving the people of Ghana more than they would be serving me because I knew that I would likely learn more from this trip than I would ever be able to repay in service to my professors.  I knew that I would gain many insights during my time in Ghana and I prayed that God would use me in even the smallest of ways to at least make a small impact on the people that I would encounter.

As the trip progressed, I realized how much I was changing as a result of seeing the things that this country had to offer and how much I felt that I was contributing.  Not being able to speak the language meant that I could not communicate well with those around me; this made it difficult for me to feel like I had made any impact on anyone’s life.  That all changed when I had the opportunity to work with our social work team, and receive the feedback from patients as they left the clinic.  The patients were so happy to have been given the opportunity to seek medical care for acute and chronic conditions.  Many patients simply are unable to afford basic health insurance or travel to see a doctor for regular check-ups.  These clinics allowed patients the opportunity to see a physician, a physical therapist, eye-doctor, and a pharmacist for medications.  The joy I seen as the patients left the clinic, was the highlight of my day.  
I still believe that the vast majority of medical mission trips benefit those who go on the trips more than those who are being served.  I also believe that this is rightfully so.  It is important for people going on short-term mission trips to realize that they will likely learn more from their experiences and change more as a result than those who they go to serve.  Having an open mind about choosing to learn and grow from these experiences does not imply selfish motives, in fact, I believe that it is selfish to think that we can go on short-term mission trips and always make a life-changing impact on the communities we serve.  That being said, there is no doubt that God can use us to touch the lives of others on medical mission trips in ways that we cannot foresee and blesses us immensely through the process. I am so grateful for the experiences that I had while in Ghana, I grew immensely spiritually, emotionally, and professionally, and I am assured that God was able to use us in ways that we may never even know.


Serving the Public at LA Times Festivals of Books Health Fair - July 26th, 2018
Sandy On, PharmD Candidate Class of 2019 – CSHP-USC Student Chapter President, 2018

For over 55 years, the mission of CSHP has always been focused around patient safety and the education of the pharmacy profession. One of the reasons, we continue to thrive and push the boundaries of the profession forward is because of our student pharmacists continuing to be the advocates around these ideals! This past month, we interviewed CSHP-USC’s Student Chapter President, Sandy On, about her chapters work and involvement at the LA Times Festivals of Books Health Fair event on April 21-22, 2018!

CSHP: Thank you for taking the time out to interview with us today Sandy! To introduce our audience to could you please describe to us more about this event and your involvement since joining the USC School of Pharmacy? 
Sandy On: Every year, the USC School of Pharmacy participates in a community health fair located within the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. This event is the largest health fair of the year and held on the USC University Park Campus in South Los Angeles from 10am-6pm. At this annual health fair, we offered free blood glucose, blood pressure, and body fat screenings. We also gave out free Spanish/English patient education comic books. While I coordinated last year's health fair, this year's health fair was coordinated by two P3 students (and CSHP members) Kara Onouye and Allison Hy. Every year, our participant count continues to rise, screening 524 participants last year, and this year screening a record-breaking 560 participants!

CSHP: It is great to see the continued success of an event like this! What made you want to get involved with this health fair event? Both as a coordinator in the past and in general?
Sandy On: One of my purposes for joining the pharmacy profession was to raise awareness of the pharmacist as the most accessible health profession for the community, and my involvement with this health fair achieves just that. Seeing as this health fair is able to outreach to so many participants in the community, I was motivated to co-coordinate this health fair to optimize the workflow and success of participants screened through our preventative care services. Another impactful health fair I co-coordinated in October 2017 was at the Taste of Soul Festival. Although we did not screen nearly as many participants compared to the Festival of Books health fair, given the health fair was located in East Los Angeles, it was a rewarding experience to outreach to a higher-risk underserved community who could truly utilize pharmacy services.

CSHP: As a student pharmacist, this event seems like a great opportunity to connect/meet patients and work in your community. Can you explain or tell us how these type of event/health fairs have changed or given you a new perspective on your pharmacy career or interests?
Sandy On: Participating in these types of community service events is vital to our practice as pharmacists, regardless of every student pharmacists' individual career path. While it has not necessarily influenced my pharmacy path in any certain direction, I think it has influenced me in a way to understand that all different paths in pharmacy always tie back to patient care. For example, with a future interest in management that may not necessarily have direct patient interaction, remembering these patients that I assisted and screened throughout these community events over the years acts as a constant reminder that my projects or work will not affect just one patient at a time, but potentially a whole community of the very same patients.  

CSHP: Wonderful insight! Has any particular experience at these health fairs influenced you? Any patient or ordeal give you a better experience?
Sandy On: Being able to connect with these patients on a personal level allows me to understand the role of the pharmacist as key catalysts for patients to be more proactive and involved in their own health. I particularly love when participants are already motivated and like to ask me a lot of questions because it makes my job as a medication resource easier! On the other end of the spectrum, I also enjoy interacting with the more 'stubborn' participants who may make claims for example that the influenza vaccinations cause the flu. These are the patients who can benefit most from the services of the pharmacist, who can help debunk these myths via proper education. It's particularly satisfying after a long discussion with these individuals, whom I am able to earn their trust and eventually provide their annual influenza vaccination.

CSHP: Thank you Sandy for your time and we look forward to your future involvement in CSHP and future patient focused events!


An Update From Your House of Delegates Chair, Jeannette Hanni! - June 7th, 2018
Jeannette Hanni, RPh, MPA - CSHP Chair, House of Delegates 2018

This year is really going by quickly.  It’s hard to believe that my term is almost at a close.  Thank you all so much for the opportunity to serve as your Chair of the HOD.  It’s a role that touches on so many aspects of the Society and I have been reminded of how rewarding it is to volunteer. The policy making has been fast and furious with the legislative arm more active than I’ve ever seen.  This creates great opportunities to collaborate with other health care organizations, our chapters and to get a glimpse of what the future holds for pharmacy.  The CSHP professional policies for consideration by the 2018 House of Delegates in San Diego will be plentiful. COPA has been very busy reviewing the ASHP policies and adapting them to fit our needs here in California and the Board has completed their review of the policies that are older than 5 years, which is a task we do every year.  It looks like 50+ policies will be available for review by our dedicated CSHP HOD Chapter Delegates very soon.  The Delegates can expect the first mailing of the HOD to be approximately July 26, 2018.  We should have some great discussion and debate both at the Regional Delegates Conference on 8/25/18 and at Seminar. I look forward to seeing all of you in San Diego at Seminar!

Best Regards,

Jeannette Hanni
Chair, House of Delegates, 2016-2018


A Message from Your CSHP President-elect! - February 21st, 2018
Steven Thompson, PharmD - CSHP President-elect 2018

I am honored and humbled to have been elected as CSHP President-elect. Thank you for your vote of confidence, and know that I will try to live up to the task and the legacy of all of the past presidents. I am looking forward to working with our amazing staff and all of the outstanding volunteers of our society. We have a lot of opportunities ahead, and I am looking forward to meeting the challenges. Thanks and let's keep CSHP the pharmacy organization to be a part of. 

Best Regards,

Steven Thompson, PharmD
CSHP President-elect, 2018


A Message from Your CSHP President! - February 12th, 2018
Dan Dong, PharmD, FCSHP - CSHP President 2018

I am honored to be your President for 2018.  I want to update you on the progress of CSHP and our plans for 2018.  Thanks to the leadership of past CSHP Presidents, Kethen So and Vicky Ferraresi, who took us through the many years of turmoil and uncertainty since 2015.  It was only with their dedication to the profession and society, that CSHP was able to emerge on solid footing again.  It is difficult to convey to the membership the amount of work, meetings, and calls that this involved over the last three years.   Many have asked me “Are the leadership issues of the past few years resolved?”  I am able to say that all the litigation and past financial claims associated with past leadership have all been resolved in 2017 and behind us now.  We are moving forward.

With the hiring of Loriann DeMartini as our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CSHP in September 2016, she has brought a solid professional background of knowledge and experience that has benefitted CSHP tremendously. Seminar 2017 in Las Vegas had record attendance along with a very strong attendance for Seminar 2016 in Disneyland.   These two successful Seminars are great testimony of her strong leadership. She has worked tirelessly to correct and update the financial books, where the CSHP Board of Directors (BOD), could understand the true financial picture of the organization.  She ensured that all the many past years of financial audits were completed.  Loriann with BOD agreement employed many cost-cutting measures to improve the financial health of CSHP.  I am proud to report that CSHP is on sound financial footing at this time. With that stated, we must build up our financial reserves again and at the same time, we must continue to move and advocate for the profession and patient care.  This is a fine balance. 

We are continuing to work within the legislative arena as well as provide some new quality professional programs such as advanced practice certifications (i.e.  “Transitions of Care” with Cedars Sinai) and the upcoming CSHP West Coast Preceptor Conference in Asilomar, April 27-28.  I hope many of you will take the opportunity to attend.  In 2017, we began some joint calls with the California Pharmacists Association (CPhA) involving the Presidential Officers.  This has helped to improve communications between the two professional organizations. We are continuing these calls in 2018 on a more routine schedule.   In addition, I am very proud to work with the current BOD, who are all committed and dedicated individuals, whom you have elected. We are also transitioning our Committees, Councils, and Task Forces (CCTF’s) into two-year staggered terms to provide better continuity and effectiveness.

Our membership has surpassed 4,000 again, which has not occurred since 2015.   Our membership is the lifeblood of this organization.  At the October 2017 House of Delegates, I asked and I received a commitment from each delegate that they would recruit one “new” member to CSHP in 2018.  I am asking for each of you as members of CSHP for your commitment to that same request.  “Recruit one new member in 2018.”  

Feel free to reach out to me for questions and comments at Dan.B.Dong@kp.org.  I am here to serve you and CSHP.  


Best Regards,

Dan Dong, PharmD, FCSHP
CSHP President, 2018


A Message from Your CSHP President! - November 29th, 2016
Vicky Ferraresi, PharmD, FASHP, FCSHP - CSHP President 2017

Photo Credit: Brian KawaharaIt’s hard to believe that 2016 is coming to a close.  Seminar 2016 is behind us, and before we know it, 2017 will be upon us!

CSHP had a very successful Seminar this year.  Attendance was  2,030 and we provided  79.5 hours of continuing education programming for pharmacists and technicians.  Danny Kudo and his team did an outstanding job on every aspect of the meeting.  

On November 18th, we sent a Seminar Satisfaction Survey to you.  Please take the time to fill it out.  It provides valuable feedback so we can make next years’ Seminar even better.

Loriann DeMartini, Kethen So and I have been travelling to the schools of pharmacy and our affiliate chapters.  When we visit, I hope that you can take the opportunity to let us know what CSHP can do for you.  Your input is important in creating and providing services for our members.

We have all just seen how important it is to vote in an election.  I urge you all to cast your votes in the CSHP election for new officers and directors.  The governance and determination of the future of CSHP and the profession of Pharmacy is too important for you to not participate by failing to vote.  Be on the lookout for another ballot for the Bylaws changes approved by the House of Delegates, and if you are an ASHP member, for the ballot to vote for delegates to the ASHP HOD.

Finally, I want to thank our dedicated members and volunteers for all the time and effort they give our great organization.  We could not accomplish what we do without you at both the state and local level.


Best Regards,

Vicky Ferraresi, PharmD, FCSHP, FASHP
CSHP President


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