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The Leader in Wellness, Patient Safety and the Optimal Use of Medication

The California Society of Health-System Pharmacists is about serving you and your profession.  CSHP appreciates the time that you devote to the profession and understands your needs as a health-system practitioner.  As a member of CSHP, you are part of a community of pharmacists, student pharmacists, and associates who work together to lead health-system pharmacy practice in California.

As a member you will join with other members in one strong, statewide voice where together we transform our passion for pharmacy into meaningful action on behalf of our patients and profession.

With over 4,000 members, CSHP is the most prominent state health-system pharmacists association in the Nation. CSHP is dedicated to seeing that you and all health-system pharmacists, student pharmacists, and associates reach their full-potential. CSHP staff and members work daily to support you in reaching your personal and professional goals. As a premier state health-system pharmacy association, CSHP provides an effective voice in the California legislature and regulatory boards, as well as member benefits derived from composite intellectual capital, energy as a community with a common purpose, and credibility as an institution driven by member leadership and volunteerism.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have an increasingly important role in patient care, paired with CSHP’s legislative advocacy that insures your pharmacy practice is protected. Take advantage of CSHP by becoming a member and receive resources, networking opportunities, and continuing education programs that will simply make you a better pharmacist, pharmacy technician, or student.

We provide resources and connections that help you make the most of your time and money. In all that we do, we take a hands-on approach to help mold the pharmaceutical industry around you.

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California Society of Health-System Pharmacists
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