New Practitioner Achievement Award
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The Society believes members promote and sustain CSHP’s mission by sharing innovations and model practices with others through publication, formal presentations and by mentoring or serving as a preceptor for residents and students. 


2019 Recipient

Caroline M. Sierra, PharmD, BCPPS (Press Release)

Past Recipients
  • 2018: Michael Trillanes, PharmD, BCPS, BCCCP
  • 2017: Elizabeth Chang, PharmD, BCPS
  • 2016: Krystal Pong Dahl, PharmD
  • 2015: Shirley Chen, PharmD, BCPS 
  • 2014: Winnie Thi, PharmD
  • 2013: Elaine Law, PharmD, BCPS
Past Resident/Fellow of Distinction Award Recipients (Merged with New Practitioner Achievement Award in 2019)
  • 2018: Kristine Keller, PharmD
  • 2017: Jackie Ho, PharmD, MPH, BCPS
  • 2016: Amanda Wong Benedict, PharmD, BCPS
  • 2015: No Recipient 
  • 2014: Angela Na Hyun Lee, PharmD

Each candidate must meet or exceed each of the following criteria in order to be eligible for this award:

1. Active new practitioner member (NPY1-NPY5) of CSHP

  • Not a current director, elected officer, paid employee or New Practitioner Executive Committee (NPEC) member

2. Active participation in CSHP activities at the regional or state level

  • Activities such as: (a) an elected officer of a state, regional or local pharmacy organization; (b) member of a pharmacy association policy recommending body; (c) member of a commission, committee, task force, or ad hoc group established by a state, regional or local pharmacy association; (d) reviewer, editorial board member, or editor for a national, professional refereed journal; or (e) reviewer of papers submitted for presentation at pharmacy meetings.

3. Excellence in pharmacy practice following pharmacy licensure that exemplifies CSHP’s belief that pharmacy is a clinical profession whose main purpose is to serve patients and the public through the promotion of wellness and the best use of medications.

  • Activities and accomplishments exceed routine job requirements and reflect a commitment to practice excellence. For example, the development, implementation or enhancement of systems or programs that have resulted in an improved level of practice. Particular emphasis shall be placed on innovation, creativity, and conceptualization of new or improved practice methods.
  • Written comments from candidate’s application and contributing letters of support to verify practice excellence. Candidate has demonstrated a level of involvement in and commitment to educating practitioners, residents, students, administrators, and/or the public through, for example, preceptorship, presentation of formal continuing education programs, or presentations to the lay public
  • Participation in educational programs such as: a) making presentations of formal continuing education programs to health-care practitioners on topics that pertain to pharmacy practice; b) providing guidance to colleagues’ practice; c) precepting residents; d) mentoring staff; e) training technicians; f) educating students; and, g) educating the public.
  • Written comments from candidate’s application and contributing letters of support to verify commitment to education.

4. Candidate has made sustained contributions to the total body of pharmacy knowledge through poster presentations and/or widely distributed publications.

  • Involvement in the following activities: (a) publication of scientific or professional papers on relevant topics of pharmacy in refereed journals (senior author or coauthor is acceptable); (b) publication of a textbook or several chapters in a textbook(s) on some aspect of pharmacy; © poster presentations at professional meetings; and/or (d) production or publication of educational aids on some aspect of pharmacy.
  • Inservice presentations or an institution’s internal publications alone are NOT considered as meeting this criterion.

5. Candidate is highly regarded by students, peers, other health care practitioners, and/or members of the public as a role model new practitioner.

  • Received special recognition awards and/or honors
  • Obtained letters of support for confirmation.

The 2020 deadline for submissions is June 1st.


New Practitioner Achievement Award recipients will be recognized at the next CSHP Seminar meeting. The winner will receive complimentary registration to Seminar and a plaque.


Contact CSHP at or call our office at (916) 447-1033.



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