New Practitioner Column
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The New Practitioner Column in CJHP is a regular column written by new practitioners for new practitioners on relevant topics for pharmacists getting started in their career.  Writing for this column is an easy way to learn the ins and outs of writing for professional journals.

How Do I Write for the New Practitioner column?

Submission Requirements:

  • Email indicating:

    • Topic
    • Supporting information regarding focus / intent
    • Proposed deadline
  • CSHP staff and the NPEC will review and respond regarding CJHP’s interest in this topic
  • If encouraged to submit by ASHP staff, use the following guidelines:
  • Indicate NEW PRACTITIONER COLUMN in the Manuscript Comments section.
  • Please note – NO abstract is needed for this submission.

Please recognize that this submission will be reviewed by the CJHP editors and if your submission is accepted, you will work through the editorial process with the CJHP managing editor.  If you have any questions in this regard, please contact

Interested in being a peer reviewer for CJHP? Visit our website here to register, update your information, submit your manuscript and/or to submit and track your paper.


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