New Practitioner Executive Committee
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Established in 2011, the New Practitioner Executive Committee (NPEC) is made up of eight New Practitioner members, ranging from first years to fifth year post-graduates. This team of knowledgeable and dedicated committee members aims to foster leadership, involvement and communication amongst CSHP’s New Practitioner members, as well as ensure that they have a voice on the CSHP Board of Directors.

The NPEC Chair acts as representative on the CSHP Board of Directors, serves for two years and is a voting member. Below you can find a brief welcome message from our current NPEC Chair, Vanya Chan and bio's of all of our NPEC members!


How the NPEC Serves You!

As a group of motivated New Practitioner’s, we are honored to serve in this capacity for CSHP and our members. The New Practitioner Executive Committee (NPEC) understands that it will take hard work and perseverance to make a meaningful impact as leaders within CSHP and in the profession of pharmacy as a whole. We aim to engage young professionals and prioritize their involvement in CSHP activities from the local and state level. It is our goal to target the next generation of health-system pharmacists and address the unique needs of young professionals as they transition into their roles as new practitioners. The NPEC hopes to bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to the organization. We recognize the importance to adapt our engagement strategies in order to attract young leadership, as these new practitioners are essential to the future of CSHP and our profession.

2019-2020 NPEC Members

Vanya Chan - Chair
New Practitioner Year 4 – Loma Linda University Medical Center

Vanya currently works as a clinical pharmacist at Loma Linda University Medical Center. She has the opportunity to practice in both the inpatient and ambulatory care setting, where she has worked on managing warfarin therapy at the Anticoagulation Clinic.

She received her Doctor of Pharmacy from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. Prior to moving to California, she has served as Board of Director of the New Hampshire Society of Health-System Pharmacists as well as a committee member for American College of Clinical Pharmacy Adult Medicine Practice and Research Network.

Nicole Nguyen

New Practitioner Year 4 – UCSF

Nicole practices as a clinical pharmacist at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center working within the Neurosurgery, General Surgery, Neurology and Emergency Medicine services. She also serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor within the UCSF School of Pharmacy with teaching and research interests in global health, pharmacotherapy and Women’s health. Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Nicole received her Bachelors of Science in Behavioral Science and Health from the University of Utah. She moved to San Francisco for pharmacy school where she obtained her Doctor of Pharmacy and completed a PGY-1 Pharmacy Practice Residency at UCSF.

During her professional career Nicole has served in the following leadership capacities: CSHP Board of Directors (2016-Present), CSHP New Practitioner Executive Committee Chair (2016-Present), CSHP Golden Gate Chapter New Practitioner’s Committee Co-Chair (2014-Present), CSHP Chapter Delegate (2015), APhA-ASP New Practitioner Mentor (2015-2016), CSHP Council of Professional Affairs Resident Member (2012-2013).


Brooke Betts - Member
New Practitioner Year 1 – Stanford Health Care

Brooke received her Pharm.D. and M.S. degrees at Regis University in Denver, Colorado. She is a current Acute Care PGY1 resident at Stanford Health Care with interests in administration and leadership, informatics, and quality improvement initiatives. Brooke has enjoyed learning and networking at various CSHP events hosted by her local chapter and is enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve on the New Practitioner Executive Committee this year!


Stephanie Ho - Member
New Practitioner Year 3 – Kaiser Permanente, Oakland Regional Offices

Stephanie Ho is a clinical pharmacist at Kaiser Permanente Oakland Regional Offices. She earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Western University of Health Sciences College of Pharmacy, where she served as the CSHP student chapter President and Student Section Executive Committee (SSEC) Co-Chair. She went on to complete her PGY-1 residency training at Kaiser Permanente San Rafael Medical Center and PGY-2 drug information specialty residency with Kaiser Permanente Drug Information Services. As a resident, she continued to be involved with CSHP and served on the New Practitioner Executive Committee (NPEC) and as Secretary of Quatra County Society of Health-System Pharmacists (QCSHP). She is excited for the opportunity to continue to serve on NPEC and on the QCSHP board as President-Elect this year! In her free time, she enjoys sleeping in, trying new boba, watching movies, and traveling.  


Mylien Hoang - Member
New Practitioner Year 1 – Kaiser Permanente

Mylien Hoang is currently a PGY1 pharmacy resident at Kaiser Permanente Diablo Service Area (KPDSA). She received her Pharm.D. and M.S. degrees at Touro University California (TUC) and is now also completing a teaching certificate as an  adjunct faculty member through TUC. During pharmacy school Mylien worked as an ambulatory care intern at KPDSA and was simultaneously leading the Resident Lecture Series for the Diablo Chapter of CSHP (DSHP), which she co-chaired the past 4 years. Mylien has always been drawn to ambulatory care, pharmacy informatics, medication safety, and to promote innovative ideas to advance pharmacy practice. Mylien has enjoyed her prior experience participating in local chapter events of CSHP, as well as serving as CSHP President for her college of pharmacy and SSEC board member when she was a pharmacy student. Mylien has been a CSHP member since 2012 and is looking forward to serving on the New Practitioner Executive Committee this year!


London Kim - Member
New Practitioner Year 2 – Cedars Sinai

London Kim is an IV pharmacist at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, California. Prior to her current position, she worked as a lead pharmacist in long term care facilities with a focus on operational management. Then, London pursued her career as a clinical staff pharmacist at the Ridgecrest Regional Hospital where she led several committees to improve medication efficacy and quality, including the Antibiotic Stewardship Committee, MERP Committee, and more. London has previously took on leadership roles as a student pharmacist in professional pharmacy organizations. She is looking forward to serving on the New Practitioner Executive Committee this year!


Jaron Lopez - Member
New Practitioner Year 1

Jaron received his PharmD from the University of Illinois at Chicago - College of Pharmacy in 2019. He is currently located in the Sacramento area and applying for PGY 1 residency programs this year. His practice interests include emergency medicine, toxicology, and oncology. Jaron has been a CSHP member since 2018 and is looking forward to serving on the New Practitioner Executive Committee this year!


Uyen Thai - Member
New Practitioner Year 1 - Adventist Health

Uyen received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree at Touro University California in 2019. She will be starting her PGY1 residency at Adventist Health this coming June. Her clinical interests include oncology, drug information and quality improvement initiatives. As a student pharmacist, she took on various membership roles in professional organizations and has been a CSHP member since 2015. She is looking forward to serving on NPEC this coming year!

Kimberly Wong - Member
New Practitioner Year 2 – Laguna Honda Hospital/Walgreens

Kimberly Wong is a retail and inpatient pharmacist working at Walgreens and Laguna Honda Hospital, respectively. Prior to her professional practice, she matriculated from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences-University (Boston) with a Pharm.D. Kimberly has served on the New Practitioner Committee within the Golden Gate chapter, where mentorship has been vital for networking, gaining advice, and remaining current on state regulations and policies.


Katrina Zywiec - Member
New Practitioner Year 3 –Kaiser Permanente - Napa

Katrina Zywiec is an ambulatory care pharmacist at Kaiser Permanente, Napa Solano Area and an assistant professor at Touro University California. She earned her PharmD from Touro University California in 2017. She completed a PGY-1 Managed Care Pharmacy Residency at Kaiser Permanente Washington and a PGY-2 Health System Pharmacy Administration Residency at Sutter Health, Sacramento. As well as serving on NPEC, she is currently serving as the New Practitioners Director and Community Outreach Chair for the Diablo Chapter of CSHP (DSHP) and a member of the ASHP Section Advisory Group (SAG) for Strategy and Industry Disrupters.  Her hobbies include reading, hiking, and spending quality time with her husband of 10 years. 


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