Pacific Coast Preceptor Conference - Call for Speakers Form 2020
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For sessions with more than one presenter, submit one abstract only and complete all co-presenters fields as well.

We are interested in sessions which fall into the following general topic areas. However, if you have a session which doesn't clearly fit any of these, please submit anyway. Based on the responses we receive, final categories may shift slightly.

For Student Preceptors

  • Integrating students into the work schedule/rotation schedule ideas, etc.
  • Establishing goals and objectives for APPE at your work site
  • New clinical topics which ACPE requires
  • Patient Care Process

For Resident Preceptors

  • New standards/guidelines and how to implement them
  • Using technology for efficient precepting (evaluations, tracking, rubrics, etc.)
  • ASHP audits
  • Project design

For All Preceptors

  • Difficult conversations, how to give feedback, difficult learners
  • Engaging and motivating students
  • Cultural competencies
  • Layered learning
  • Multigenerational learners
  • Health literacy
  • How to give feedback
  • Teaching professionalism to students and residents
  • A master preceptor program
  • Scientific research - project design, developing understanding and the ability to evaluate scientific research
  • Establishing/re-establishing experiential training programs
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Explain what knowledge or practice gap this session addresses. If possible, provide a source to back up the need for this session (e.g. new legislation, research, scholarly article, survey, your organizations' findings, new policies, etc.).
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Learning objectives should focus on what the attendee will be able to do as a result of attending the session. As you write your objectives,  thinking about finishing this sentence: "At the conclusion of this activity, the attendee will be able to___________. " Use active, measurable descriptors.  For more detailed tips on writing learning objectives click here: Guidelines on writing learning objectives. Generally, 3-5 learning objectives per contact hour is appropriate.

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