Student Quiz Bowl Competition
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Saturday, October 28, 2017
2:30 pm to 5:00 pm
Bally's Hotel, Skyview 5 & 6

The 2017 Seminar Planning Committee invites you to the annual CSHP Quiz Bowl Competition!

This document has been created to help answer any questions students may have about the format and rules of the competition. There are three sections: (1) Before the competition, (2) During the competition, and (3) Responsibilities of Quiz Bowl personnel.

For any clarification or additional questions regarding the Quiz Bowl competition, please email the CSHP SPC Student Programming Co-Chairs at


Quiz Bowl Competition Topics
     • Cardiology
     • Clinical Pharmacokinetics
     • Diabetes
     • Healthcare/OTC 
     • Infectious Diseases
     • Men’s/Women’s Health
     • Oncology/Hematology 
     • Pop culture I 
     • Pop culture II 
     • Psychiatry/Neurology 
     • Pulmonology 


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students who are currently enrolled in a California or Nevada pharmacy school
  • CSHP or NVSHP member


Instructions for participation:
Each Quiz Bowl team should consist of 10 team members with up to 2 alternates who may be substituted into the competition at designated intervals. Quiz Bowl teams must be formed prior to Seminar.


Faculty contacts: Please email by October 2nd, 2017 @ 5:00pm (PDT) with the following team information:

  • Full name and email addresses of individual pharmacy student participants representing your pharmacy school (10 members and up to 2 alternates) along with your CSHP or NVSHP member ID #




Doors open for Quiz Bowl competitors ONLY

2:15PM           Orientation for competitiors
**Competitors MUST be in their team tables no later than 2:15PM. Any team with less than 10 competitors at their table at 2:!5pm will be DISQUALIFIED from their Quiz Bowl competition.
2:30PM           Doors open to observers
2:45PM           Introductions
3:00PM           Round 1
3:55PM           Round 2
4:35PM           Final Round
4:50PM           Annoucement of Winning Team & Closing



Quiz Bowl Competition Setup

  • There must be 10 students participating at any given time during Round 1, Round 2, Final Jeopardy, and if needed the “Tie Breaker.”
  • Prior to the start of the competition, the Quiz Bowl emcee will randomly draw a school’s name to select the first question for Round 1. Other teams will rotate in a clockwise fashion to select the next question.
  • At the start of Round 2, the team with the lowest subtotal points will get to select the first question.  Subsequently other teams will rotate in a clockwise fashion to select the next question.
  • Team scores will be displayed at the end of each round


Quiz Bowl Competition Format

There will be 20 Quiz Bowl questions in Round 1:  5 categories with 4 questions per category (questions valued at 400, 600, 800, & 1000 points respectively).

There will be 20 Quiz Bowl questions in Round 2:  5 categories with 4 questions per category (questions valued at 800, 1200, 1600, & 2000 points respectively).

Both Round 1 and 2 will be limited to a maximum of 40 minutes.

The Final Quiz Bowl Question will begin immediately after Round 2 or if there are only 10 minutes remaining in the Quiz Bowl competition, whichever comes earlier.

Questions in Round 1 and 2 will be in multiple-choice format. The Final Quiz Bowl Question and/or any “TieBreaker” will be in short-answer format.

DAILY DOUBLES will be embedded randomly during Round 1 and 2.  All teams can participate in DAILY DOUBLES.

Alternate team members who are not actively playing during competition time may NOT participate and contribute a response to their team unless they have been properly substituted in during competition time.


Team Responses:

Student participants will answer questions by collaborating together in a team and submitting a handwritten team response on a pre-designated Team Response Card to the Quiz Bowl Judges for review.

Individual team responses must be submitted within the allotted time period:


Rounds 1 & 2:  Teams will have 60 seconds to provide a written response to each question.  

Final Round: Teams will have 3 minutes to provide a written response to the Final question.  A wager must be placed on the Team Response Card that is not to exceed the total amount of team points.


TieBreaker: If needed, teams who are tied for 1st place at the end of the Final Jeopardy question will have 3 minutes to provide a written response to one “TieBreaker” question.  A wager must also be placed that is not to exceed the total amount of team points. 



 Points will be subtracted for INCORRECT team written responses submitted to the Quiz Bowl Judges.  

Teams may choose not to provide a written response to a Quiz Bowl question if they do not want to risk any loss of points.

Printed materials, electronic resources, cellphones, etc. may NOT be used by any team participant at any time.   Any violations will result in disqualification from the competition.

In the event of any technical difficulties where an answer is exposed on the screen, ALL teams will receive points for that question.


Written Challenges to Quiz Bowl Questions

  • Each team will be limited to only 3 written challenges.
  •  If a team wishes to challenge a question, the team must notify their assigned table proctor before the next question is revealed.   Each team then must submit their challenge in writing along with the Team Response Card for the next question.  
    •  No further additional challenges by the challenging team will be allowed once the judges make a decision to accept or deny the challenge rationale
  • The competition will continue as usual while the judges review the challenge. This will help maintain the pace of the competition within the allotted time.


Substitution of Alternate Team Members

Teams may substitute alternate team members during each substitution period at designated intervals as follows:

  • Substitution of alternate team members may only occur after the questions for an entire category has been completed.
  • Teams may substitute up to 2 alternate team members per substitution.



  • Makes all necessary announcements
  •  Initiates the process for determining the order of teams selecting questions
  • Starts and ends the Quiz Bowl competition
  • Operates Quiz Bowl to keep the competition progressing in a timely manner
  • Enforces rules of Quiz Bowl 2017



  • Reads the Quiz Bowl questions and announces the correct response to the questions
  • Helps keep track of which team will select the next question
  • Helps distribute prizes as needed to raffle ticket winners who are present in the audience



  • Collect Team Roster Sign-In Sheet at the beginning of Quiz Bowl Competition and determine if any team has less than 10 students participating at any time
  • Score all written responses from each team
  • Keep track of the number of challenges per school
  • Keep track of team scores, in the absence of a scorekeeper
  • Make the final decision in the case of any team challenge


Table Proctors/Table Runners:

  • Help collect the Team Response Card from their assigned team in a timely manner and help provide them directly to the Quiz Bowl Judges
  • Ensure student teams submit their answers within the allotted time for each question
  • Monitors their assigned team for any violations of quiz bowl rules
  • Oversee alternate team member substitutions



  • Tallies up the points throughout the competition for each team

Good luck and have fun!


SPC Student Programming Co-Chairs,

Ragini Bhakta, PharmD, BCPS
Kelly Lee, PharmD
Alana Whittaker, PharmD, BCPS


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