Why We Love CSHP's Seminar!
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CSHP's Seminar is built for and around of members. Every year we bring in the experts around the most pertinent topics in the pharmacy industry. Here is what some of our past attendee's to say about our efforts!

"The speaker was highly knowledgeable in both the academic and real world evidence and applications of the topic she presented. The topic was well explored and I left with an increased sense of understanding…"


"Excellent presentation. Educational and inspirational. We need more education like this… total patient care is more than just drug therapy. Thank you"


"This Presenter is EXACTLY why I come to CSHP every year. Very knowledgeable, brings great clinical information and ties it all together in a very enjoyable presentation. Thank YOU for showing them how it’s done!!"


"As someone who does not work in this area, this presentation was very informative and educational. Avery interesting topic brought to life by the presenters"


"Excellent speakers and information. Kept the audience on the edge throughout. Repeat at future meetings and perhaps for regional presentations."


"These speakers were fantastic, they did a skit and it was great. The information was very through, thanks guys really enjoyed and learned a lot"


"This was a great presentation. The speaker was very engaging and represented a true expert in the field. I only wish more pharmacists involved in patient care would have attended this lecture."


"Speakers did a great job of condensing a lot of useful/applicable info into one hour"


"Interesting information for new practitioners as well as management"


"The speaker was EXCELLENT. Interesting informative and honest."


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